Palm Beach sheriff opens internal affairs investigation into Jeffrey Epstein Florida case

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Of course Sheriff Ric Bradshaw is going to open an IA investigation. That way external investigations by agencies like the DoJ won’t be necessary, and the Sheriff can clear himself of culpability.

Who are we kidding. The DoJ works for Trump now, and won’t be bothered to open it’s own case regardless because it’s not necessary since the sheriff is already investigating himself.


Epstein paid off people for light treatment no doubt, but we’ll never find out from this investigation.


So basically, the fox is going to investigate some mysterious break-ins at the hen house.


Whatever happens, we’ll know the police will clear the police of any wrongdoing by the police.

Truly america has the best system and everywhere else is a shithole.


“Sheriff Bradshaw takes these matters very seriously”. I believe this falls under the heading of CYA.


Alex Acosta has already flitted off back into industry, no doubt, towing his little sad Dickensian-looking family with him.


How long do bank records go back?

A senator was busted buying off a victim because of fincen reporting when he tried to structure withdrawals:

According to a 2017 interview with the two special agents leading the investigations — one from the FBI and the other from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division — “Hastert had been on the FBI’s radar as early as November 2012 — even before the FBI and IRS began investigating the suspicious cash withdrawals that were Hastert’s downfall.”[126] The inquiry was first prompted by allegations that Hastert had used his taxpayer-funded Office of the Former Speaker to further his private business ventures, something that Hastert was never charged with.[126] In 2013, the FBI and IRS began investigating Hastert’s cash withdrawals, and in early 2015 they had learned about the “hush money” agreement between “Individual A” and Hastert.[126] In a December 8, 2014 interview, Hastert lied to the federal agents about the purpose of the withdrawals, leading to his federal prosecution.[126]


hard to compare actions of an inept senator and a evasive billionaire - one is likely to have a reserve of untraceable cash that they use regularly, the other is likely to have been faced with coming up with a large sum of cash unexpectedly.


The thing to remember is that billionaires don’t handle their own finances. If you find the scumbags who are making the payoffs and get them to flip then the ugly truth comes out for all to see. Michael Cohen is a prominent example of this, even if exposing Trump’s dirty laundry hasn’t had much effect on taking him down yet.


He was Speaker of the House. Not a senator.

He was structuring the payments to a young man whom he had sexually assaulted while a high school wrestling coach in Illinois, so that nobody would see the payments, as banks don’t usually look at any transactions under $10K.

He was a Republican, of course.

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Ok I misspoke - he’s a representative. The general thesis - that a powerful person can be busted by bank records - stands.

Feds are not stupid and repeated not quite 10k payments are easy to spot

ALLEGED break-ins, jeez. Your so bias.


You are correct. Federal bank examiners are not stupid, but Dennis Hastert is stupid to think that this oldest trick in the book might work just this once for someone whose name is in the paper nearly every day and probably has enemies lined up around the block to take a shot at him.

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