Pamphlet set of 1940s mail-order religious/child abuse booklets


I find it interesting that they don’t attribute her misbehavior to the devil’s influence.


The child I’m beating the crap out of on a regular basis seems to be lashing out and destroying things. Where, oh where did she learn such destructive behavior? Oh well, guess I’ll beat her some more and see if that helps …


Killing baby chicks earns a stern talking to.

Acting out in church earns a brutal beating.



These are so crude and awful that I can’t think of anything to snark about.


Nutt’in but her own sinful nature to blame…


Any kid that stomps on baby chicks needs an ass-whoopin’, but that was the one offense where they decided not to spank her.

The secret life of Billy Zane

If it doesn´t help, it certainly won´t do any harm.

Our household didn’t traffic in religious pamphlets, so my parents had to rely on the guidance of Robert Heinlein novels for my corporal education.

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I knew a family with ten kids, and the parents kept a shorter version of a cat o’ nine tails hanging from a hook on the mantle in the living room. I never saw them use it on their kids, but whenever one of them started acting up one of the parents would give the kid a stern look, glance over at the cat, and then back at the kid.’_nine_tails

The father was South African and the mother was French and they had raised their family in South Africa and the UK before moving to France in the early 1980s, where I met them. I don’t know where they got the idea to flog their kids, or threaten to flog them with something like that. My parents just used belts. My mother sometimes used a belt with with metal trim that would draw blood though.

I never saw the point of spanking or whipping kids when I had one of my own, and he turned out to be a kind, sweet young man and not at all spoiled.


Rather than just look away, it’s important to embrace the squick and realize that sort of behavior is consistent with a child that has been raped. The only thing that could have made it better would have been trying to set fire to the house. Anyway, bonus points for terrifying parents beating the little girl into silence.

Also the whole church is scene is disturbing on a lot of levels - don’t they have “Sunday school” for the kids? What’s the matter, afraid the kid will narc on you if they are out of your grasp for a moment? Also, the idea of delayed punishment is pretty poor. And the whole thing smells like a set-up to discredit the child in the eyes of the community.

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If someone is going to have 10 kids, they should just know ahead of time that one of them is going to prison or worse. Don’t fight it.

I guess we need to administer more fatal beatings.


Curiously, using filthy sex to spawn intrinsically sinful and doomed-to-die children in a fallen world of misery is apparently not a problem…


Just going by the good book on that one. Failure to honor parents? Death. They let her off easy. Exercise dominion over the birds and beasts of the air? Divinely authorized; but next time exercise dominion over your own birds and beasts of the air, kid…

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{Insert red-headed stepchild joke here}

One of my stepfathers kept a paddle hanging from a hook in my room for years. He used it, however.

Stern talking to at age two, when she was in a mental state to be receptive to a simple talking-to. Spanking (hardly a “brutal beating”) at age three for doing something that she should probably have known better not to at that point, and absolutely no child ever stopped throwing a tantrum because of a “stern talking to”.

The solutions to both problems appear to be fitting.

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So was the writer Jack Chick’s father?