Panasonic's new Indian washing machine has a curry-stains mode


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That’s a great idea. You ever grapple with turmeric stains?


curry-stains mode

Now does it get them out, or put them in?


Yes. Yes I have. Yes, I, carping, have.

They are impossible.


I still can’t figure out if it’s a flavoring or an explosive-dye pack used to catch bank robbers.


It is a weaponized flavoring used to annoy spouses and friends.

It is also delicious. Turmeric plus chili powder is easily the most stainable yet toothsome concoction ever.


In my experience, tumeric turns blue when exposed to certain cleaning products. Weird.


I need this.


I am reminded of my parent’s old Oster blender with the speed controlled by 15 or so imaginatively named buttons “puree” “blend” “Mince” etc. Heaven forbid that you get one of the cheap models with fewer setting and you won’t be able to “mince” stuff.

Which is a way of saying that I really don’t think that the localization extends to any actual specialized cycle for “curry”, it just means that the toughest wash cycle will be named after the toughest local stains.

In other news, this one goes to eleven.


So… If such a machine was ever localized for the US, what would be the ultimate setting? BBQ Sauce?


And it turns red when exposed to others…


If you have ever battled turmeric vs. BBQ sauce on white linen (I know, I am a monster), turmeric is much harder to get out.

I honestly can’t think of a more difficult stain.


Beet juice, possibly.


And hair oil. It makes perfect sense that the laundry needs to be sorted completely differently for that culture.


Ever eat beets, forgot you did, then wondered if you need to go to a doctor? :sunglasses:


Is there a setting that will preemptively prevent getting tomato sauce on your clothes any time you’re wearing white? That would be almost as useful as this.


Beet juice isn’t as bad as you might think- even though it’s an intense colour, its pigment is water soluble, and so washes out quite easily.

Fat soluble stains are worst, like turmeric, paprika, and chlorophyll.

The most persistent stain I’ve ever encountered was dodecanol on a labcoat- it was colourless, but I’m not sure the smell ever washed out completely.


I try not to eat beets, really. Except in borscht, and in moderation only then.

But purple potatoes, same deal.


There’s two curry stains settings: one is for regular clothes and the other is for curry stains on the inside of underwear


I refuse to acknowledge that accusation.