Panic buying through the ages

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“In times of crisis we should be lest worried about what other people are doing and more worried about how other people are doing, specifically those who will be genuinely affected by the crisis at hand.”

Well said, Ordinary Guy. Well said.


This isn’t the first time that we’ve been dicks to one another by grabbing as much of everything, all at once, that we possibly can.

sure ain’t.
have you ever gone to your supermarket when the shelves are otherwise fully stocked, went to reach for something that you routinely buy, only to discover the place it occupies on the shelf is bare all the way back to the wall?
this is because a local restaurant ran out and sent an underling to buy all of them. this is usually because chef or sous-chef is a lazy bastard who fucked up the order from Sysco/US Food etc. I say this as the underling who has been sent on such missions. once in a while is understandable, but I’ve worked places where this is a daily occurrence.


He forgot the Johnny Carson fueled toilet paper crisis of 1973.


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