Pantone coffee mugs to match how you take it

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Weirdly, I like my coffee like I like my me: @wazroth colored. This is somewhere in the 728 C range…

We go through a lot of half-and-half.


If your mug is clear, it’s always the color of your beverage.

I prefer the Bodum Bistro mugs.


Who says coffe should have just one color?
Also, those mugs are too big.


Two-ninety-two for me, thanks.

I need the whole range, me and my mates prefer a variety, not to mention my own tastes change depending on a number of factors.
Too bad pantone doesn’t have a ‘black coffee’ color.

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I don’t know if anyone when seeing mention of Pantone wonders how the company makes its money (it can’t be from selling mugs), but I found this article (which, fair warning, requires reading past a thing like “are still clambering for”):

They also still create sets of color swatches/chips for various industries including print publishing, with printers? publishers? free to purchase such things as this $385 book of color chips for coated and uncoated paper:


Check out ‘PMS Black 2 C’ to ‘PMS Black 7C’ in the solid coated guide. One of those should fit.

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Yeah, Pantone has a reputation for very aggressively policing its brand name and color scheme, to the chagrin of many. They have been known for taking action against people who try to make helpful tools like CMYK value converters and so on. That said, I have found their system is the most reliable way to get a printing company not to mess up a color on a print job, because there is no dispute about holding up one of the PANTONE®™© chips against a printed piece.


More your size?

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Waiting for the patents to expire so they can release one in Anish Kapoor Black.

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I have these stacking mugs which are close enough. Brown is an underappreciated colour.



Though I seriously hope that no one wants to drink their coffee in any of those colors.

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A fun idea, but such ugly execution. A coloured patch wrapped around a white mug with so little thought. Couldn’t they at least colour the whole mug? Or is it part of the joke that the colour is in the form of a swatch?

I think they would prefer “part of the design” or probably “the point of the design”, come to think about it.
So yes.
Two days ago I was standing in front of a shelf with Pantone ringbinders and notepads and whatnot, the “let’s slap our colour swatches on, well, whatever an aspiring graphic designer might buy” vibe is strong.
For the record, no sale.

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I’ve heard that Pantone gave Stephin Merritt the honor of naming a new Pantone color, as a thank-you of sorts for name dropping them in a song.

Given their reputation for preciousness of their color system as alluded to by @AndreaJames, I’d maybe have suspected a cease-and-desist instead, so this is a refreshing change, I guess?

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Many years ago on a flight, an attendant asked me how I took my coffee. I said, “Light and sweet, just like me!”

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I already have too many coffee mugs as it is; people keep giving them to me, or I end up ‘inheriting’ them.

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