Paris Hilton collaborates with Taco Bell for its new "Volcano Menu" campaign, and it's decidedly NOT HOT

Originally published at: Paris Hilton collaborates with Taco Bell for its new "Volcano Menu" campaign, and it's decidedly NOT HOT | Boing Boing

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Where’s the “barfing face” reaction emoji when you need it?



“And there you have it, folks, one of the worst marketing campaigns I’ve ever witnessed.”

You might not understand the target audience as well as Taco Bell does.


Mrs Peas recently got bangs and it’s hot af, so… I’ll just continue going to Chipotle.


Truth in marketing. Your GI system will almost certainly go volcanic.


I understand the need for Taco Bell to turn up the spice. Anything that masks the taste has to help.


Wonder if her advice includes, “make sure you are born into a super-rich family”?


The person, not the hotel?

I’m out.


I enjoy Taco Bell occasionally, so I was curious what was on this “Volcano Menu”:

That’s it. Kinda… NBD.

I also enjoy some good quality homemade tacos. Made these a couple months back :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


That was… awful.


The lava sauce - which is a spicy cheese sauce - is actually one of the few things I enjoy from Taco Bell. It’s not complex, but it is tasty, and it really livens up the menu. I agree the menu doesn’t look exciting, but the important deal is that you can currently add the lava sauce to any of their menu items.

IMO, the “volcano” and “lava” branding is real weird, I’d expect something more like wing sauce from the name lava sauce, something oranger and angrier. Also, you’d think that red taco shell on the Volcano Taco would be spicy, but it’s just… red.


Paris Hilton?

THIS Paris Hilton?

One of the videos showed Hilton dancing with her sister Nicky to The Notorious B.I.G.'s “Hypnotize” at a house party. Hilton goes toward the camera and says: “We’re like two [n-words]!”

In another clip, she describes someone at the party by saying, “f***** hoodlum broke, poor b**** from, like, Compton. Public school b****.” She also calls a male friend a “f*****” multiple times.

But other media organizations also unearthed other examples of Hilton’s use of slurs. Jezebel published antisemitic comments in 2020 made by her when she changed the lyrics to Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family.”

Hilton sang: “I am a fat ugly Jewish b****/ I’m a little jap-y Jew / I am a little Black w****, I get f***** in the butt for coke / I’m a [n-word] and I’m Black and I steal s***.”

Another incident saw a Daily Mail reporter claim to have seen footage of Hilton calling two Black men “dumb [n-words]” behind their back when they approached her and oil-heir friend Brandon Davis in Paris. Author Mark Ebner also wrote about the incident in his 2009 book Six Degrees of Paris Hilton, but added that she said “dirty” instead of “dumb.”

Davis spoke out about his former friend. He told the National Enquirer in 2004 that Hilton was “racist” and "she was forever using the n-word. I told her not to use it. It was offensive. But she just laughed. She is a racist, plus an idiot.

“Every Black person she referred to was a [n-word],” Davis added. “She uses the word all the time, and I’ve known her all of her life. It’s ‘[n-word] this’ and ‘[n-word] that.’ She’s a disgrace. She is a racist,” he said at the time.

“She puts down Jews and other minorities, too. And I’m Jewish. I found it depressing. I finally had enough of her attitude six months ago, and I finished with her. I don’t want anything to do with her. I don’t need anything from her. She is no longer my friend. She’s just not a nice person.”

All of the above quotes were sourced from here:

This person tried to blame her racism on PTSD from an abusive school environment. I’m no psychologist, but I don’t think PTSD makes you racist and homophobic. And to my knowledge, she hasn’t offered a sincere apology, or any evidence that she’s made efforts to change.

Bottom line: I’m not here for the rehabilitation tour of a vapid, unapologetic bigot. Do better, Taco Bell.


My life advice for Taco Bell consumers…

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If not hot then full of rocks like TJs?

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