Pass The Pumpkin


This is the game about the travels and adventures of the Halloween Pumpkin of one Rob @beschizza.


  1. If you have The Pumpkin, post pictures of the Pumpkin in picturesque places

  2. If you want The Pumpkin, ask and perhaps yea shall receive from the current Pumpkin Steward

  3. If you are the Rightful Owner (A.K.A., Rob Beschizza), you can only request final transfer of The Pumpkin to your custody AFTER The Safe is opened and pictures have been posted

  4. Should Rob ever acquire The Pumpkin, he is contractually obligated to post a pretty photo of The Pumpkin on top of The Safe

  5. Other Rules May Apply As Described In The Manual For Pumpkin Game

Who says it’s too early to start having fun with Halloween Twenty-Seventeen?

A Modest Anagram for Meta

A jackhammer isn’t the wrongest symbol for this next year, in any case.


That is a lovely pumpkin.



a closer photo from last night…



Hey. That looks like you got out of the house.


For a few hours anyway. It was fun.



Pass the pumpkin…

… to the left hand side?


Shocked. Utterly surprised you walked away with that, token. (May I have a slice of pie please, sir?)


Absolutely! Made from scratch using pumpkins we grew in the garden… It’s actually kind of bland, I guess our soil’s depleted. Although the tomatoes were amazing this year.


Does the safe need to be open?


I’d hate for this thread to close and not see the pumpkin find its proper home


Is this the new trend; finding and resuscitating old threads right before they are due to expire?



Gimme that card!
Thanks, just on time.


Yeah hopefully tomorrow… I met up with @LDoBe and @SlyBevel today but he forgot the pumpkin.


Somehow I never saw this thread until now. Am I to understand that this pumpkin has been stuck with just one or two of you chuckleheads for nearly five months now‽


Apologies to @LDoBe and @TobinL for the lateness of this.

Submitted for the approval of all, a posed image of the offenders: (Note the particular glee of the gentleman on the right.)

I think the potato quality really makes the composition. You may make out the logo of an alternative online semi-'zine on a black faux-gourd.

Cheers to @JemmieDuffs for letting us stomp into her living room for a few minutes. :slight_smile:


bump… i promise some pics tomorrow. really.