Pastry chef tries her hand at making artisanal Skittles and Kit Kats

well… just come up with some really sticky problems and then you have it :slight_smile:

it’s not rocking science…


That would be dangerous info for me to have.

Or you could just go with a skittlebrau.



@LeopardSeal beat me to it.


They don’t mind it; it’s a reg’lar holiday to them — all porter and skittles.

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A fact which only makes the absence of lime skittles even worse.

Ah, so that’s where I saw the star of Crazy Ex Girlfriend before!

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I love watching people create, but also love watching things get reverse engineered.

I see there is a lot of hate for Brad, but you need people like that to give you an honest, straight forward critique, as well as ideas.

It’s funny, but after watching this and the KitKat vid, I got inspiration to solve a software problem I’ve been working on for months!

It’s cool how the process of figuring stuff out is the same across disciplines.


wow! that’s the right way to persevere. want to work on my car? I’ll hold your coat.

If any Boinger is ever in Fairfield CA, make sure to visit the Jelly Belly factory where you can see much of this process happening before your eyes. (and you get to wear a paper hat, and sample candies at the various stages of production).

Also, near a beer factory (that also does tours). For us, it was the college two-fer of our dreams.


I love Jelly Bellies. I used to drive through Fairfield several times a year and always thought “gosh, I should stop here…” but I never did, to my great shame.

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Then I’m going to ruin your life for you…

In the factory store, they sold 2# bags of “rejects” called “belly flops” that were either slightly the wrong size, had stuck together during the coating process (I once found a golf ball sized clump of tutti frutti!), etc… One of the days of the week, It was like 2 for 1 (at some ridiculously cheap price per bag).

We used to buy one bag per person, then sit around a table sorting through maybe 10-14# or so to pick out all of our favorite flavors.


I guess I’m one of the only ones who didn’t like that. I couldn’t finish it. I had a visceral reaction to making food with her hair all loose and over her shoulder l like that.


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