Pat Boone reveals Obama's plan to "release all murderers"




All in the next 2 years? that’s pretty ambitious, I’d say.


Oh, yeah, and weren’t the 9/11 terrorists here (mostly) legally?


What if Obamacare and Medicare didn’t have Alzheimer’s coverage?




Blimey, its almost like Boons got some sort of an agenda?!


Sounds legit. That soft-on-crime bastard has already pardoned or granted clemency to 61 convicted criminals during his time in office. That’s only 139 fewer than his predecessor, 342 fewer than Ronald Reagan, and 865 fewer than Richard Nixon.


Nice to see “Crazy” has a new poster child…


this claim is about an imaginary evil super villain who is so lazy that he’s a disgrace because he never does get around to sending out his black army of muslims to confiscate your guns and bibles and herd you off to FEMA camps.
the fantastic conspiracy theories of mr boone and the rest make him seem demented at least while creating a powerful boogeyman who is more powerful than dog himself.


Are you sure this wasn’t quoted from Shit My Grandfather Says ?


Well, that’s how it goes.


Huh, who knew Pat Boone was still alive?


Pat Boone invented the “Dick in the Box”.


Not sure if…


He’s quite the teen idol, you know. Goin off the rails on a crazy train. Smooth.


I wish people would learn what the words “socialist” and “communist” actually fucking mean. They are not just varying levels of generalized insult.


This frighteningly successful film depicts a U.S. government and military buying into false information and launching a devastating atomic attack on Russia in what is intended to be a first strike deterrent of a suspected attack, which proved early to be inaccurate.

Eh? The U.S. government wasn’t involved in launching the atomic attack at all in that film. The whole point was that an army officer was able to unilaterally launch the attack all by himself with nothing more than “Wing Attack Plan R”. He didn’t even need false information.

And if we can’t trust Pat Boone’s knowledge of American cinema, clearly his other views must be somewhat suspect.


That boat has sailed. Sailed clear across the ocean. Found an inlet into a mysterious inland sea, got sucked down into a maelstrom into a whole other ocean in the Hollow Earth and sailed there, too.

To a majority of Americans socialist and communist are going to remain bogeyman words forever and ever.


You’re right, of course. I just wish for a better world.


Where’s your evidence?