Pathetic White House invite for Trump sendoff is pathetic

As the italians say, “the bad weed never dies…”


To Trump: “We’d love to do a flyover, Mr. President. But rather than fighters, how about a good old B-52? Doesn’t that fit with your MAGA message better?”

To an aide: “I know those B-52 airframes are kind of old, but find out how much horse shit we can cram in the bomb bays. I want 1000lbs per Russian bounty, and I don’t care if every B-52 has to be in the air to deliver it. Make it happen.”


I’m with you. I only drink to the man so I have something to piss on his grave with.

I think in 5-10 years, his family is going to find the only way to monetize the name is to install a pay toilets over the burial mound.


I think the insane is a given


The insane is a given, but the “planning” part? Not so much.


A timeless idea that I fully support, but I don’t think there should be a charge for what is clearly a public good.


Glad you mention Reagan. Cognitive decline was before but during his second term he wasnt there. So senile racist granddad is totally GOP style for decades. Being able to form a sentence is a sign of a liberal education or something.


This should be on their play list:


I think we need Derek and Clive levels of profanity…


The symmetry of that would be too nice for the writers of the past few seasons. They prefer bombast to subtlety. Debs makes his famous trial speech in Cleveland, where Trump takes the nomination, then serves his sentence in Atlanta, where Trump sealed his loss. It is too good for the current writers.


Which is why there is actually a chance that there are 17 GOP senators that will vote to convict him in his impeachment trial, just to permanently bar him from seeking public office ever again. At that point, he can NEVER gain a social media ‘exception’ for politics, he can be banished to the Parler/Gab ghetto, and the GOP can more easily pretend the last 4 years never happened.

I know, I know… his kids. I don’t think there’s much to worry about there, to wit:
Eric is the Beavis of the family, with all the charisma of a roadkill opossum (and often the same facial expression). Thus far, his greatest proven skill is that his suits are tailored better than his dad’s.

Jr. is in every single way a pale imitation of his father, which is to say is also a bigoted, small minded troll but without even daddy’s occasional creative turn of phrase. All of Jr.'s talking points come from more clever, more reprehensible people on Twitter. No doubt he stopped having any original thoughts when dad found out about one and slapped him for it and threatened to write him out of the will. He will no doubt collect $$$ in grift/speaking fees, but if he wants to continue to parasitically drain the morons that support him, let him continue.

That leaves Ivanka, who is being talked up to primary Rubio in Florida. Maybe she has a shot? But honestly, in Florida? Yeah, there’s a big ol’ MAGA faction there, but enough to oust a right-wing latino GOPer? Nah. Bilderberg Barbie may have converted to Judaism, but she’s a basic shiksa through and through, so I don’t think she’ll get the elderly retiree vote she thinks she’ll get. And every time she’s tried to make any sort of actual politically relevant speech or policy statement, it comes off like Gwyneth Paltrow trying to relate someone who shops at a bodega. She had a lemonade stand as a kid, so she’s an entrepreneur, except she didn’t pay for her supplies, and the STAFF THAT WORKED FOR HER were made to buy lemonade from her. Everything ends up like that. Her ‘working mom’ schtick, all of it. She’s a robot who looks the part and has the script memorized, but hasn’t mastered the whole ‘simulation of human emotions’ part. She’s a touch like Zuckerberg, but in tasteful, boring heels and a bland blazer set.


If you think we have seen the last of Jr or Ivanka, you’re dreaming. They got a taste of the power and spot light and want more. They have a literal army at their disposal.


How about five MyPillows full of toxic foam remnants and factory sweepings?


I’d love it if something delayed things past Biden’s swearing so Trump is officially no longer President and not entitled to any of this.

“I’m sorry Citizen Trump, you are not authorized to be in this restricted facility and no, you may not use official government transportation. We’ll arrange to get you to the bus stop outside the gate on the next base shuttle but that’s it.”


A bringer show is one that requires a comedian to bring a certain amount of paying guests (door or drink minimum) in order to perform.


Spammers always merge in all lists possible, including the ones that were carefully culled from the original list.


Infinity Pissoir?


I never tire of breaking out The Von Trapp children to show people the door


Maybe a poetry reading to summarize his first, and last, term.

All in the golden afternoon
Full leisurely we glide;
For both our oars, with little skill,
By little arms are plied,
While little hands make vain pretense
Our wanderings to guide.

– Lewis Carroll


We did, too. So did a few of our neighbors. We’ll be having a virtual celebration on my block! :clinking_glasses: