Patriots head coach Bill Belichick declines Presidential Medal of Freedom

Happy for the message, but what’s with the mealy mouthed “the decision has been made not to move forward with the award”? His refusal sounds much less compelling when he doesn’t actually say, “I decided…”

Love these lines from the “The Undefeated” article:

"When you’re from New England, winning isn’t new to you. It’s not some once-in-a-lifetime deal. It’s a habit — a culture."

"Although Jeune said she is not supportive of members of the Patriots organization’s relationship with Trump, she believes they’re the only ones bold enough to publicly admit that relationship. “Kraft isn’t the only owner to have voted for Trump, or be friends with Trump. He’s just the only one to admit it … so why should I stop supporting the Patriots because of him? There’s other owners too, you just don’t know about them. There’s a lot of racism in the NFL,” said Jeune."

That being said a fantasy of mine was that Belichick went to the ceremony then cut off Trump’s saggy suit sleeves before walking out without saying a word or taking the medal from him. That would be some quality TV but I doubt the Secret Service would have been down with that. :thinking:

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Which is weird because when I was a kid the Patriots and Sox were perennial losers (Celtics of course were another story.)

As much as I like Tom Brady as a player, I think he’s kind of an airhead for everything except football, his wife is the brains of the family. I think that’s sort of the problem with Belichick too, they are good at what they do because they only think about football, there’s no room left in their heads for anything else.

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The Bruins won a lot way back in the day.