Paul Gosar, who believes the U.S. needs migrant hunters, seems especially agitated today at a border hearing (video)

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As true now as it was when she wrote it 30 or so years ago.


Kind of expected him to be wearing his princely robes while saying this…


Really hard to make those arguments, Mr. Gosar. Perhaps you skipped the history lesson of white people decimating the Native culture and people. Or the history lesson when much of the country was built on slave labor…and whose culture white people continue to this day to erase. But perhaps you know all that and just want to appease your rich bigoted donors so you, personally, can benefit. Either way, you’re either an idiot who knows nothing of history, a liar, a bigot, or just a greedy SOB. Likely, all of the above.


He thinks those were entirely justified. He’s a white supremacists who believes in genocide and slavery.

No, he’s RACIST. Stop acting like people can never be racist when they are saying racist things and it must be some “mental health issue”… It EXCUSES this behavior and stigmatizes people who ACTUALLY have mental illnesses… FFS…


Paul Gosar, who believes the U.S. needs migrant hunters

OK, I admit my first thought upon reading this headline was “I guess it’s actually kind of progressive for Paul Gosar to allow migrants to hunt in the United States…” and then I realized what he actually meant.


This would explain his agitation…

Freshman Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) used his time during the House Oversight Committee’s hearing on border security Tuesday to ask top border officials whether or not they did in fact change their policies and enforcement tactics when President Joe Biden took office.

“I’m curious, Chief Chavez, when President Biden took office, did your agents stop enforcing the border and just allow everybody to come in, thus creating what we hear here is an open border? Did that happen when the president took office?” Frost asked.

“Sir, thank you for your question. The answer is no, sir. We continue to enforce policy and laws,” replied Chavez.


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Dude, your culture was changed May 8, 1945.


Wny is Paul Gosar getting his lariat in a twist? It’s not like this is his first rodeo. America at least my America absorbs migrants like a sponge. I think Congressman Gosar needs to take a siesta.


I actually thought the headline meant some kind of rewilding project that would require top level predators kept in check seasonally. I would have thought it was more likely than hunting humans.

Would have.


Ah yes, Gozer the Gozerian is back to inflict the world with his malvolent and vile darkness. I’d say “they” since Gozer can be anything they want, but clearly Gozer has assumed the form of a “mediocre white male racist of the United States,” a rather ubiquitous and vile form of humanity. I’d have preferred a Sloar, maybe a Torb, or even a Stay Pufft man, but you take what you can get I suppose.


If you have a Nazi sitting at a table, and ten people sit down with him, you have eleven Nazis at the table.

Gosar is a Nazi. Also, they’re just Nazis. There’s nothing new about them.


Nazi cosplayers in seats of power here in the US, right now?


The term “Neo-Nazis.”


No, it’s a sign he’s a racist piece of :poop:.
People don’t become neo Nazis because of cognitive decline. They do it because they are objectively terrible people.


Are you his doctor? Then don’t diagnosis him.


I wasn’t really talking about his creepy naziism. I was talking about his obsessiveness. While he should have been discussing one thing, he kept going back to that. It’s an indication that his brain (like TFG’s) is stuck on that one thing, and is unwilling to let it go.

Janine Randall

Nah, playa: