Paul Manafort, Trump’s ex-campaign chairman, pleads guilty + will cooperate with Mueller investigation


well it worked for Grand Nagus Zek. Just sayin.


Thats. Weird. He can fire his attorney and get a new non-trumped up one that can’t talk to Trump’s lawyers.

As multiple people have pointed out. These deals come with the stipulation that they must result in successful prosecution of others. Manafort admited to the other charges that will be dismissed. If he doesn’t cooperate in good faith. The sentence for the convictions and guilty pleas heads back up. And the charges he didnt plea to come back. Since he admited to them already, well those go right to guilty pleas or convictions. And additional sentencing.

You can’t really fake cooperate in these cases. Unless the people prosecuting you play along.

And then theres the money. Apparently they’ve already seized $42 mil. And they could start taking housing, cars, anything his family owns that has his name on anything or has any connection to him. Civil forfeiture aint no shit, and the guilty pleas are enough to pull the god damn fillings out of his head. I suspect that’s a fair bit of what flipped him. His earlier convictions were enough to start siezing money and property.


i read that like you were talking really_fast_


I don’t think he’s had to lawyer up for anything yet. Perhaps Trump will do us an accidental favor by dragging Pence down with him due to his scorpion nature?


Needs more punctuation? Paragraph breaks? Oh well.


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