Paul McCartney and Kanye West to record song titled "Piss on My Grave"


I assume that this is the musical equivalent of jumping the shark?


I think you’ve confused Kanye with R. Kelly… (wait for it…)


In all probability, this is in all likelihood in extremely questionable taste. If found guilty in the court of public opinion, I will wear the hairshirt and accept my comeuppance. I’m still going to say it anyway…

“Ebony… aaand irony…"

When I read the title, the Monty Python song “Sit on my face” sprang to mind as I think it scans - “Piss on my grave, and tell me that you love me…”

The song title has been confirmed to be “Piss on YOUR Grave”.

I can’t imagine why Mr. McCartney would be this desperate for a few more dollars or a few extra minutes in the spotlight.

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