Pedantic Digressions

Yup. I can’t spel wurth a damn tofay. :smiley:

… just blame autocorrect, we’ll believe you :wink:

I’m not going to call out which post specifically sparked this because it’s just one of many, but I need to get some pedantry off my chest:

I see a lot of people using “Hair Furor” or a variety of that pun as a derogatory nickname for Trump.

Now, I get the need to insult him, and a comparison with Hitler is certainly warranted on some level. This is not a complaint about Godwin’s law, but about bad German.

It just sounds wrong to hear “Herr Führer”. That is not what people would have called Hitler at the time. When talking about him, it would have been “Der Führer” (The Leader) and when talking to him “Mein Führer” (My Leader).

Herr Führer is not grammatically wrong, and in accordance to what other political roles would be called ("Herr Reichskanzler, Frau Bundestagspräsidentin, …). But Leader wasn’t a political term, it was a propaganda term that was supposed to be very personal. There’s no doubt that someone said Herr Führer at the time and you could find a printed instance to prove me wrong but it sounds wrong to me and I think the other German speakers here will agree.

Anyway, it’s just not a good pun in the first place. His hair is wild, but far from the worst thing about him, or even about his appearance.


Agreed. “Mango Mussolini” is better if you’re comparing TFG to a fascist dictators, IMO.


Nah. Trump isn’t nearly as funny as Il Duce was.

I do wonder which one of the two will end up having the fancier grave/tomb, though.

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Contrary to popular belief, alchemy was an empirical process, often meticulously recorded.


When attempting to change base metal into gold, good records are essential should you ever get it right.


… they’re trying to kill me

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I can imagine.

“You did it! You’ve transmuted lead to gold! How did you do it?”
“… fuck.”

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