Pee-Wee is Penguin's dad (again!)


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If we’re going for some kind of nebulous contrarianism, I personally think Gregory Scott Cummings’ Acrobat Thug One was the lynchpin on which that whole film depended.


“otherwise meh”

You think Batman Returns’ only good point was a brief cameo by someone who I have just found out was Pee Wee Herman?
Not Danny DeVito as The Penguin, not Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, not Christopher Fricking Walken as Max Shreck?!!!
All the fantastic costumes, the convoluted plot, the surreal set, the one-liners, the action, the sexual undertones, all meh?


You must admit it was so badly edited it made no sense.

Also, I wish the headline was true. Pee-Wee is not playing Penguin’s dad, Paul Reubens is. But imagine how epic it would be if he played Pee-wee playing Penguin’s dad. Huehuehue~!


I admit nothing! The film is not without its flaws, but meh-ness is not one of them.


I wonder what role miss Yvonne would play.

/ Overflowing a corset, cracking a whip…


Gotham is interesting, but it’s seasonal and series plot arcs move too slowly, IMHO. What really bothers me though is that all Bruce Wayne’s future rogues are 10 to 15 years older than him. Okay, yes, Gordon is supposed to be getting on in years by the time Wayne becomes Batman, but a 20-somthing Batman fighting a bunch of guys in their early 40’s seems incongruent (yes, the series portrays Selina Kyle and the character that seems to be the future Joker as a kid, but none of the others). It will be fascinating to see how well a show does when one of the main characters is a kid destined to spend his adolescence finding ways to become a madman (and let’s be honest, as much as I admire the character, Batman is as bonkers as his enemies).

Yes, but compared to the two films that followed it, it was Citizen fucking Kane.


Paul Reubens is such an incredible actor. I’ve see a few episodes of Gotham, and this casting decision makes me tremble lightly with joy.


In the old TV show Adam West was about 20 years younger than Cesar Romero (Joker) and Burgess Meredith (Penguin). He was a few years older than Frank Gorshin (Riddler).

It worked because mostly Batman and Robin fought henchmen.

Also, it kind of makes sense for leading criminals to be older. They would probably have spent some time in prison, after all, which would take them out of action and slow their rise to prominence.


I love Paul Rubens. So that should be fun.

I am liking Gotham even though I am not sure why…


Agreed! I wish people would stop calling him Pee-Wee Herman, however.


I strongly disagree that its editing made it incomprehensible on the basis of this experience:

A friend and I intended to get high and watch Batman Returns (it was a favorite of mine growing up) and we swiftly discovered we had accidentally downloaded a version dubbed in Japanese (a language neither of us spoke). Assuming it’d be humorously incongruous as neither of us could remember what happened in the movie, we kept watching with the sound off. I was impressed that it actually, from a story-telling perspective, communicated the plot very elegantly through body language, camera movement and, yes, editing.

You could chalk this up to being high, but I’m not high a lot and usually don’t think things make more sense when I’m high.


Yeah, me too. It’s the whole thing where it’s the role he’s best known for, but he also seems to play into that a bit and keeps reviving the character… and it is pretty great, actually.


I’m looking forward to seeing him. I found Gotham to be quite entertaining, even though it mostly just boiled down to “Police procedural set in Gotham, featuring cameos by future Batman villains.”

The only really weird age-related villain for me is Riddler, as I thought he was closer to Batman’s age. For the rest of them (Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Scarecrow, Twoface, Joker… Can’t think of any others), it seems about right.


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