Pelosi: "No, nothing" on Trump's border wall demands


I remember Jesse Ventura said that when they start building walls you have to ask if they are to keep others out or to keep you in.

It’s not so much that I think this is a reasonable way to think about the wall, but I’m surprised it isn’t a more popular way to think about the wall among government-distrusting Americans.



man, I usually don’t need the /s tag…

It’s sad when reality and over the top snark become so similar.


I was only adding an ! to the /s.


Sarcasm needs its’ own special font, seriously.

I’d try to create it, but typography has never been a strong medium of mine.




Meanwhile …


Fighting Trump on his own turf is a fool’s game. Pelosi trying to win people over with inane, MAGA-style soundbites would probably be about as successful as Trump trying to win people over with facts and intelligent discourse.


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