Pence feels sorry for the man who wanted to see him hanged to death on the Capitol grounds

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Early this year, some people injected me with dangerously toxic chemicals and then exposed me to dangerous amounts of hard radiation. This had never happened before!

What changed?


Well, I feel sorry for Pence.

Must suck to wake up one day and find you’re an invertebrate.


He still thinks someone is going to vote for him lol!


I suspect he volunteered for the spinal column removal. While I do pity him, I do not really feel sorry for him.


you can’t have it both ways, mike. sometimes it really is better to say nothing.


Trump’s actions were often unprecedented so why wouldn’t the consequences be?


I don’t like Mike Pence. And I disagree with him strongly on almost every issue of note. But I genuinely thought he was better than this.

He is part of a purportedly “law and order” party and was VP of a nation that claims “everyone is equal before the law” as a bedrock principle (even if it frequently fails to live up to it). The serving of this warrant shows every sign of being a careful, deliberate step in the enforcement of the law against someone who A) chose to violate that law, and then B) belligerently, defiantly, and publicly refused every opportunity to walk back the criminal act and avoid consequences.

Republicans going all-in on claiming this is a partisan weaponization of the Department of Justice is every bit as damaging to the justice system and the rule of law as their evidence-free insistence that any election they lose is the product of fraud is damaging to the democratic process. Pence chose to follow the law and protect the institution of government on January 6. That he would choose to cynically degrade the public faith in the justice system and undermine the institution for partisan gain now is deeply disappointing.

Attacking other politicians or political positions, whether those attacks are correct and virtuous or vile and misleading, is part of the ebb an flow of power and policy. If you lose, you make your case to the public again next time, and maybe next time you will win. That’s the promise that should keep everyone invested in preserving the underpinnings of democracy. If you hack away at those underpinnings, the entire system can collapse. Once that happens, the only path to instituting policy is a ruthless power-grab followed by entrenched and barricaded authoritarianism.


He was Trump’s VP… why would you believe that?

He’s still far right fringe candidate that agrees with the ultimate goals of Trump, which is a “Christian” nation.

The GOP has been trading in racism and homophobia since at least Nixon. And of course, the L&O stuff was always about maintaining white supremacy. It was about the CR movement and the anti-war youth movement.

I don’t believe L&O as they imagine it can exist together with equality before the law.

Trump is a major problem, but he’s far from the only authoritarian in the GOP right now. They embraced him because he won and brought in new voters and solidified their desired coalition. They are starting to abandon him because he’s becoming a liability, not because they think he was wrong to try and force the rest of us to conform to a particular way of being. They will STILL work to strip women, the LGBQT+ community, and POC of their rights and to make white Christian rule the law of the land. THAT is their goal and if Trump is in the way of that because of his obvious criminality, they’ll abandon him when it’s practical and find some other figure head to “lead” their movement.


Trump was right about one thing. If he did shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue his sycophants would all be screaming about how “No former President of the United States has ever been disarmed or detained by law enforcement!”


Agreed. That’s it in a nutshell. Yes, this is unprecedented. No prior president in the entire history of the republic has so flagrantly and openly treated the law as something that simply didn’t apply to him. The fact that the DOJ has been forced to take this action is without precedent.



Admittedly, that in a vaccum – he did literally nothing else, at least publicly, to constrain Trump running roughshod over the institutions. But his choice on Jan 6 suggested that in the end he valued preserving the institution over winning one specific partisan battle. Apparently his spine was good for one use only, though.


I mean, me personally, even if I vehemently supported someone who I at the time agreed with, if they threw me under the bus for a mob calling for my hanging, I’d never openly support that person again. Even if I still agreed with/was toeing the party line. :confused:

So yeah - not shocked Pence is still a POS, but a little surprised he doesn’t have more respect for himself to at best just not say anything. :confused:

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Exactly. Broken watch and all that. He’s always been a Christian dominonist and he knew he was too extreme to win on his own, so he backed Trump, thinking it would get him to the presidency in the end.

I think he was preserving his own skin and his own path to power more than our institutions. None of his other actions show him being on the side of equality before the law.


That’s not “taking a stand against Trump” so much as “doing nothing.”

If Pence deserves credit for not actively joining a violent, clearly unconstitutional coup against the United States of America then I want credit for all those banks I never robbed.


It really is the lowest bar to clear, honestly…


What a pathetic lickspittle. But what else would you expect from someone who volunteered to be a henchman in the most corrupt executive branch since the McKinley administration?

Well golly gee whiz, give the man a shiny gold star sticker!

It really is the lowest bar to clear, honestly...

And yet somehow 121 Republicans in the House of Representatives failed to clear it. We’ve reached the point where the bar is sitting on the ground and Republicans are choosing to dig a trench below it.


I mean… yeah. I’m just saying that Pence is really fucking awful and was really only trying to preserve his own skin.

At this point, the entire party is rotten. As long as people are still willing to vote for these cretins, we’re fucked.

[ETA] I think a recent article by Robert Reich is worth bringing into this discussion:


Judging other people, totally.

Equality and fairness? Not in the slightest.
He is the faint smile covering the hate of all unlike him.