Pence is opposed to using 25th Amendment to remove Trump: Reports

The key is: the VP candidate proposed by the President must be confirmed by Congress, House and Senate. In any case, the Senate is not coming back until the 19th. In the interim, Pelosi would be next in line of presidential succession, but not VP, off course.


Even if Pelosi somehow succeeded the Trump/Pence administration I think it would do more harm to the Democrats’ agenda than good, because she’d be giving up her position as Speaker of the House of Representatives for just a few days as a placeholder President.


So you are saying that by resigning Pence would not only be owning Trump and also the libs? Double plus good! /s

Yep. It’s important to remember that the Kim dynasty has held that place through three generations, with an iron fist. You don’t get away with that if you’re careless.

The Kims have been rational. Ruthless, and rational.

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And here we go:


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