Pennsylvania woman who helped steal Nancy Pelosi's laptop on Jan. 6 sentenced to 3 years in prison

“I’m not the same young, stupid person I was when I committed those crimes” is a more convincing defense when it’s coming from someone trying to plead their case before a parole board after long years in prison, not when it’s coming from someone who hasn’t even been sentenced yet.


Do you have a citation for that claim?


The first photo on the Know Your Meme page is the mugshot of Riley Williams.

ETA: I hadn’t read the MEL Magazine article.

Riley Williams herself seems to fit the “Hollywood Homely” trope.

Characters are made “plain” by giving them thick glasses, braces, freckles, unfashionable clothes, and an unflattering hairstyle, and surrounding them with people who are more attractive.


Boy, that mugshot. Malevolent vibe.


I was part of a group on Twitter that identified her from video footage. Another person was posting her full name and personal information in the public thread. Many asked him to remove the public mentions (our group was careful to never publicly name people until they were charged). Others who knew him/her said he was her ex and she had a restraining order against him.
I saw the conversation of a reporter asking for a private interview. The same reporter was the first to claim the Russian connection the next day, which was then picked up by other media.
I never saw any independent proof that she was in contact with Russia, other than an anonymous source in the first article.
Also, she’s basically a fascist fan girl - I don’t think she was smart enough or had connections to actually pull off a foreign intelligence op.


Okay. Thank you!


I know it’s all circumstantial, but I was there when the initial contact was made with the reporter who broke the story. It would also explain why there weren’t further details in the news, and it wasn’t included in her charges.


Intentional, no doubt. Fascists are professional bullies and a facade of “scary” is the only tool in their toolbox. They cultivate it at every opportunity, including the classic “chin down, eyes up” face in photographs. No doubt she has practiced that in the mirror.


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