Penzeys Spices Spends 2mil on Anti-Trump Ads

Loverly. Pass me the English Prime Rib Rub, good sir.


So now I can feel good about spending way too much money on rarely used spices! Yay!! (Seriously, that place is a store I am not permitted to enter without adult supervision)


They even have an anti-Trump herb blend, Justice, which instructs the user to “season Liberally!”. It’s great on chicken, eggs, and veggies.

I highly recommend their smoked paprika, shallots, vanilla, cinnamon, and herb blends.


Penzey’s is the best. Sadly, their closest bricks-and-mortar store is 2 hours drive away, so mail order it is. Their gift boxes are among my favorite things to give for the holidays. I worry about the physical safety of the store.

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I wouldn’t think vanilla went with paprika, shallots, and cinnamon.

Just wait 'til you try my chili!

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