Perfect breakfast burrito in 8 simple steps

I’m also a fan of night-time breakfast burritos


FWIW - I just tried this and now it’s my new favorite way of making a breakfast burrito. It’s not drippy unless you add too much salsa or other wet ingredient, and it can be rolled and eaten without making a huge mess.


Without the ends tucked (like in a burrito), as soon as you lift it up the salsa will run out the bottom and splash on your plate. 3/5 for enthusiasm.

Sounds similar to Taiwanese “egg crepes”. Now I’m hungry!

I just made one of these for breakfast. I was expecting it to be too messy to hand hold. But only had a few drips on the last couple of bites. Nice for a change of routine.

Meh. That looks like a sad and anemic breakfast burrito. I am spoiled.

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A wrap is a burrito with a shitty version of a tortilla.

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And so I have learned that living walking distance from Valentina’s BBQ down here in South Austin has pretty much solved all my food requirements for the duration of the quarantine. Their breakfast burritos are every bit as good as their legendary BBQ. :smiley:


Eew, swz me and the child inside me.

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“ummm, bacon”

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You can crumble tofu, flavor it, and sautee it, for a sort of “scrambled eggs”.

One local vegan restaurant offers “coconut bacon”, to add some crunch. I don’t remember seeing a recipe for that. They do offer breakfast burritos.

Yuba, the film that builds up as you heat up soymilk, that fries up kind of like bacon.

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Isn’t that an oeuf en cocotte, rather than an egg popover? Why reinvent names?

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I made this for (lonely quarantined) Sunday brunch. It was my first ever breakfast burrito (they are not a thing here) and it was great. Obviously I added bacon, as well as chilies and bell peppers.

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I didn’t take enough French in high school and college?

I wouldn’t really say they are similar. Oeuf en cocotte seems to be eaten in it’s ramekin, while what I make is more of a solid item.

This is basically all they are. Nothing fancy at all.

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