Personal valet of Donald Trump tests positive for coronavirus

Everyone serving on that detail should draw combat pay.

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I doubt the ventilation is that great, which means that COVID-19 would hang in the air for hours.

Especially when he’ll refuse to wear a mask even once he’s positive.


When I first saw the headline to this story, I figured he was a personal employee, and immediately thought, “He’s getting fired and will lose his healthcare.” Now that I see he is in the military, my thought is that they are going to try to drum him out of the service.


“The President and the Vice President have since tested negative for the virus and they remain in great health.”

This one line of spin tells you the entire response is typical Trumpian BS and not worth the expenditure of electrons used to display it.


Heh. And he believes those results? Isn’t it possible – likely even – that someone in the chain leading from the test results to his eyeballs is hiding the real results in an effort to save the country? Someone near to him should mention that possibility in passing.

True, but then I think about the people he surrounds himself with, and interacts with, and how so many of them are just fine with hundreds of thousands of us common people getting it and dying and give no fucks as long as they are making money, and I’m suddenly at peace with the idea of Donny spreading it to everyone in his orbit. At this point, with the way they are fucking us over, so be it.


The valet showed symptoms yesterday, at which point he and Trump and Pence were tested.

Average incubation period for covid-19 appears to be about 5 days, with a 2-14 day window.

Basically, they did a pregnancy test right after having sex. A negative result at this juncture proves nothing.


This just reminded me of the trope for taking out a hive mind enemy in a sci-fi movie. Just when all hope is lost. Just when the forces of good are overrun with countless minions. Someone is able to infect the queen and from her the pathogen flows out and takes out all the minions at once. Or some variation of this. Fingers crossed.


I keep imagining Antoninus (the Tony Curtis role) from Spartacus.


I doubt that the definitive valet would want anything to do with Trump.


Dude. Too far. There are 400 people who work in the West Wing on a daily basis, and even if you want to throw the clerical staff and janitors under the bus, they also have children and grandmothers and such.

I get the not-particularly-guilty pleasure of hoping terrible things happen to him, or Pence, or Pompeo, or whatever. Stick to hoping for aneurysms or lightning bolts if you want to indulge that. Infectious disease doesn’t work for those fantasies, at least if you have a better-than-Trump-level grasp of it.


Meh. It’s not like any of us wishing it will make it actually happen.


Too far?

To be absolutely clear, I don’t want to throw ANYONE under the bus, not even Trump really. I’d rather he spend the remainder of a long life in a federal prison along with everyone who enabled him after an eye-opening trial that exposes everything they’ve done since he was sworn in.

But I’m not the fucker doing the throwing, and I’m not the fucker driving the bus.

I’ll feel bad for all of the people you mentioned if they are devastated by this virus, but I won’t feel any worse for them than I do for the families, friends, and survivors of the over 70,000 people who have already died and the hundreds of thousands that will also be dying before long due to the utter incompetency and nastiness of this administration.

If it were within my powers to fling either this administration, or the virus, into the sun, I would fling the virus. But I can’t, it’s here, Trump and his cronies are fucking us, and we can’t stop them. So at the very least, I hope they reap some of what they’ve sown.

Also, you are bemoaning the risk to the 400 people in the West Wing, without acknowledging (in the comment I’m responding to) that they are – at best – a tiny fraction of the total number of people that the GOP is willing and/or trying to kill. They just aren’t the specific ones they would rather die.

Maybe an outbreak in the White House will open some fucking eyes and plant a seed of empathy in those dead hearted fucks.

More likely, they will shift to protect themselves as much as possible – and since they are hijacking PPE that’s quite better than most of us – while they continue to fuck the rest of us over.

We ALL have children, parents, grandparents, friends, spouses, people we love, to one degree or another. And we – and them – are all in greater danger than we had to be at this point in time. The only viral vector isn’t that orange asshole and his friends, after all. But it’s one that will always make the news.


OT, but über props for the Wodehouse reference. I think that may be my next fodder for escapism. Thanks for the reminder.


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Trump will want McDonald’s to fire this employee immediately.


trump getting sick enough from covid to stop ignoring it, would be the best thing could happen to this country in the short term.


The thing is Trump doesn’t have valets; they’re all, in-point-of-fact, varlets.

By that last definition specifically.


I’m not sure if people realize that if trump catches SARS or covid19 from it, not only will we never know, it will be the shortest illness ever as they pump him full of convalescent plasma, even if he wasn’t president as a (fake) billionare he can just buy it, not like us pleebs.

But lets shove everyone back to work and make some money for the 1%, 75000 deaths, 2000+ per day and double that by end of June.