Pete Burns, singer of Dead or Alive, RIP


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sadface.jpg :cry:

Proper dont-give-a-shit freak he/she was.


This is a fairly detailed look into the career of Dead of Alive, with some extra info on Pete Burns:


Horribly, horribly sad. Fuck you 2016, you’ve done nothing right.

Post-election Post-mortem Prior Prognostication Thread

Loved Pete’s over the top performances, he will be missed!


Shit. First Steve Dillon, two years younger than me, now Pete Burns, two years older. I feel like I’m being bracketed.


An acidic gem.


I blinked…and it’s the future and it sucks and I want my damn money back!

I mean the past sucked too, but it was tolerable because there was always hope for the future, and now that’s right down the shitter.


Fuck you, 2016.


Pete, you look like a lot of fun… always loved that track. Godspeed.


2016: The year I realized that I was old.


On one hand I’m glad I got to be a little kid in the 80s, and a teenager/college kid in the 90s. Good stuff all. But man… it would have been a stupid amount of fun to be, I dunno, in my 20s in the 80s. But I guess I had the 90s rave scene. I’ll just have to reincarnate as a 20-something in the 80s I guess, to get all the good parties in. :wink:


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