Peter Doocy is crafty when he shortens Biden quote, but craftier Jen Psaki is quick to finish it

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“With foxes we must play the fox,” as the saying goes.

Despite the name of the network that employs him (because his dad Steve asked real nice), failson Doocy is more of a hedgehog – a particularly stupid hedgehog.


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Doocy doesn’t care, Fox will edit it to make it seem like an effective gotcha.


“Why did the president say in August, ‘we’ ‘must’ ‘kill’ ‘all’ ‘the’ ‘republicans’, in that order, with thousands of words in between? What did he mean by that? No answer needed, thank you.”



The crafty response was good, but this level of dishonesty really needs to be called out.

“Now, Peter, you know that’s not all of what he said… Or weren’t you listening?”
“Now, what were the rest of the words that you’re omitting to dishonestly try to make the president look bad?”
“Do you remember them, or should I repeat them for you?”


Hedgehog: “I never have problems converting splits.”


is the hedgehog’s name Spiny Norman? (it’s probably Sonic, though…)


As outraged as I’d like to be… Twisting words has become SO common, no matter what “side” the speaker is on I am truly beginning to question my own sanity.

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I’m sure you can provide plenty of times that Psaki twisted other people’s words and then asked faux questions to make it seem like they were liars. Or when Biden did it. Or AOC. Or Berni. Or Pelosi. …


Ugh. Please tell me you aren’t comparing representatives of national news sources to rando Twitter posts or celebrities. The “both sides” argument is exhausting.


I’m not referring to Psaki. The fact that she has to jump so quick and is able to is a credit and a burden… One that should not have to be borne. No, I’m referring to the dip she’s having to use verbal judo on. That kind of nonsense has become entirely too common in what is passing for journalism these days. Even Walter Winchell would be barfing up his socks.

Got news for ya… Many of the national news representatives are simply regurgitating what the randos are scattering without fact checking in the interest of being “first”.


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You jest, but…


No, but there have been a disturbing number of times when even the allegedly liberal media like CNN, ABC, etc. have repeated conservative talking points as if they are facts. Especially when it comes to economic issues and immigration. There have been times over the last few years when, after all the media, including CNN and Fox, repeats the same bullshit, that I’ve started to question my own knowledge and sanity and thought for a minute, “maybe I’m wrong. Am I wrong? Am I crazy?” The worst part about gaslighting is that it works.


That is merely Corporate Ownership Bias.

There is no ‘liberal media’ in this country, except maybe for Pacifica.
ABC? Nope. Owned by Disney.
NBC? Nope. Owned by Comcast. Etc, etc, etc…
Even PBS has corporate sponsorship for most, if not all its shows.

Even on the local news, I have noticed that all the stations show the exact same stories, and even the same footage on some stories.
The major networks haven’t had an independent NEWS division in decades; those got merged into their Entertainment divisions decades ago… about the time the Fairness Doctrine was discarded during the Reagan regime.

It can work, if you let it.
Find multiple sources for news, not just the major networks in this country.

Truth is a many-headed hydra that can’t be explained in a 20-second soundbite.

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Just a reminder, every Doocy - Psaki video on youtube by fox news is titled some variation of “Doocy grills/presses/confronts Psaki…”

We should probably always play both versions otherwise its just smug self congratulatory celebration, and that helps no one.

Yes, I’m aware, which is why I said “allegedly liberal”.

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