Petition the moron with a swastika in his El Sobrante front yard to knock it off

“I haven’t decided what I’m going to do,” Johnson said. “There’s been a lot more (reaction) than I expected. Everybody’s on my butt about this.”




Man Asks For Attention
Man Receives Attention
Man Is Perplexed By Attention He Asked For


Leave this fool alone. It’s his right to be a racist and tell everyone about it.

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I keep thinking of him as “Nazi-lite.” He likes playing, at least, at being a Nazi and upsetting people, but he’s not so committed he’s actually willing to face any consequences for it.

Translation: “No one who noticed my Nazi shit up to this point made a fuss (to me) about it. Now I’m not happy about getting pushback - all I wanted was to piss people off in safety!”

He thought he could upset people without any blowback on him - something he’s clearly been doing for a while, with his Nazi Facebook page, Nazi motorcycle gear, etc.

Well, 5000 people signed the petition, and he obviously doesn’t have 5000 neighbors. So yeah… Though I think in this case, there are sufficient neighbors willing to contribute eggs for free that it would undercut the egging by proxy business model.


The guy’s a jerk, but it’s his lawn, let him have his swastika-- how else will people know he’s one of the master race, his beer belly?

As I see it, if he’s going to be a bad neighbor, then he can expect his neighbors to treat him like crap-- ignore it when they see someone breaking into his place, not care if kids smash his mailbox, not loan him rakes or garden hoses, call animal control the minute his dog gets loose.

And if he ever wants to sell the house he’s either going to have to remove it or bring the price way down to accommodate most buyers (or else sell to another Nazi.) So he has pretty much f%&ked himself.

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You underestimate the Internet. I’m telling you, this could be big. A name change might be required though. Call it IndieThrowThrow or EggStarter.


Sure, thats just what a concrete fetishist would say…


Or just continue to just take his message to heart of
“Please walk your dogs here, no need to pick up”

Part of that freedom is accepting the consequences of his choices.


A tolerant society cannot tolerate the existence of the intolerant. He needs to be made a martyr for his cause.


Well, the problem is a bit beyond his own property. When a neighbor tries to sell, his/her property is devalued because of it. Who wants to live next to a Nazi?


Yeah this story just kind of makes me cringe as a homeowner. The only thing worse than living next to a nazi house is living next to an internet famous nazi house.

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