PewDiePie fan unleashes ransomware that encrypts hard drives until he gets 100M subscribers


Going forward though, Pewdiepie is sure to find out this is going on. Plus him getting a shoutout from the gunman at Christchurch in his manifesto. Do you think that Pewdiepie has a responsibility to do something beyond just telling his fans to stop?

At this point i think he needs to seriously reassess what he’s doing. Not saying he should walk away from his career but what he’s currently doing is having serious effects in the real world.

Edit: For clarification i’m not trying to put you on blast. Ultimately Pewdiepie is the main person that has a choice to make here, i’m not a fan of his but i still would hope he moves forward in a way that addresses the toxicity of his audience, whatever that might be. If all he does is release a video telling his fans to stop then nothing will change.



I think I would mostly be okay with that. At least as far as social interaction goes. For one thing, it was more local focused (at least the ones I dialed into).

Oh there were plenty of toxic assholes. But it was more of a microcosm, and didn’t lead to feelings of overwhelming doom for the human race. It was just Ted and John, being fucking idiots again.



Yeah, I guess the internet allowed all the Johns and Teds to get together.



Yep. The rest was history. That we have to find a way to live through. I wish us luck.



I’ve NEVER heard of Pewdiepie till this post. And I don’t want to know.

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I’ve known of him for quite some time but my interests have never intersected with the kind of content he makes. Never seen any of his videos and i don’t intend to start. Of what little i know about him and the kind of videos he makes i’m don’t really understand how he’s got the most subs on youtube.



Why is it not yet legal to bury hackers alive?



I’m not sure the Ultimate Question is worth this. Where are the Vogons?



I’m the same. My content is all science, music, photography, crafting, travel. he’s never popped up as a suggestion ever. The one thing I have noticed and never understood is channels nothing like his doing some sort of project to auto subscribe people to this guy.

The action lab often featured here built a simple device for his arm to control the arm of another person. Then he invited 5 you tubers that were not subscribed to pewdiewahtever to put the device on. They laid their arm near their phone and the action lab dude made their arm twitch and hit the subscribe button.

Patrick Adair Design makes cool rings in his videos. May have also been featured here. He made a ring that would subscribe a person to pwedieputz.

I’m sure I have seen some other videos like this that focus on getting this guy even more subs. I’m guessing they are hoping it will up their views and subs. All it did was turn me away.



Yeah the React channel did the same BS of subbing to him on one of their vids and it really left a bad taste in my mouth. What i’d like to know is, are all these creators pushing people to sub to Pewdiepie… are they going to do something about what his fans are doing? I’d say they’re responsible to some degree if his fans are so toxic that they’re going to use ransomware and shoot innocents in a church.



Yes, that is exactly what I felt. These are channels that promote education and being positive. And then subscribe to the asshole. It doesn’t compute for me.



I’m not one to advocate for violence, but anyone engaging in “subscribe to pewdiepie” shenanigans needs to be tracked down and beaten with sticks. At a minimum. Also, while we’re at it, pewdiepie himself.

I’m guessing it’s like the US “border zone” that contains most of the US population…

Definitely. But in pewdiepie’s case, we can spend a great deal of time blaming him for what he does - cozying up to and normalizing the alt-right, for one. He’s directly been doing that, himself, in his videos. Which also makes it hard to separate him from his racist fans and their actions.



Why show number of subscribers at all?



Just looked at the code and it’s astonishingly poorly written - total amateurish bullshit. Certainly not the work of any sort of master hacker. I mean I didn’t expect to have my mind blown but I wasn’t expecting to be so disappointed.

The crpyto key is compiled into in the code, FFS.



This was close to where I live.





Robocopyright: Dan Bull's rap anthem for the defeat of #Article13




I didn’t specify what size sticks they should be beaten with, so let me just say: big sticks, just enormous fucking logs.



I would have paid more attention to the embryonic social media of the '80s if I’d known that shit was going to take over the world – at the time it seemed like an oddball nerd subculture full of people who should probably go outside and smell the flowers instead

turns out no, it was the rest of us who should have been taking notes and making a plan



Don’t be hard on yourself. I was one of those oddball nerds and I didn’t see any of this coming either. This is just… out from left field fuckery.