PG Tips 'Extra Strong' is a perfectly drinkable strong black tea

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As a Brit I feel incensed at the mere suggestion that any form of PG Tips may be called tea, let alone good tea. There are a multitude of good teas available out there, and some even available in supermarkets! I don’t know what you can find across the pond from us, but let’s not forget what your Bostonian compatriots did a few years ago with a literal boatload of fine leaves. Harumph! :laughing:


I buy my teas loose-leaf, by the pound, and organic.

Get those nebbishy little bags out of my mug.


Are the “pyramid” bags made of plastic?

Asking for a friend.


Yorkshire Tea or GTFO.


It’s been a while since we’ve had a good tea tussle here.


I can’t find complete info, but there’s partial info for the UK and US/Canada.


Well, our local ‘Tea Fountain’ closed years ago, so lots of loose leaf is now a visit to Whole Foods or a specialty shop. Some English friends of ours love PG tips and so I started buying it rather than the insipid Twinings. I saw a video on BB about brewing the perfect single cup/mug of tea. Upshot? Leave the bag in for 5 minutes (also the bag is made of paper, compostable). That is a very long time for most US tea drinkers.

I’ll give PGTips Extra Strong a go. If anyone can suggest a good strong black tea easily available here in the US I’m open to suggestions!

Well, there’s your problem.


I have a friend in Sweden that is a die hard tea drinker, when i visited her some years ago i naively pointed out some PG Tips when we were out looking for teas to buy and her reaction to it was… utter disgust and anger lol. I’m not as huge of a tea drinker so i don’t have a strong position but i will defer to my friend’s opinion on the brand.


Depends on how strong. If you want so strong you need to be careful on when you drink it otherwise you will not be able to sleep then i recommend:

It tastes best with milk or cream and some sugar. And seriously don’t make yourself a big mug of the stuff unless you need a swift kick in the pants.


Hardly the worst thing Americans have done to tea. Take a look at the ever so popular iced sweet tea.

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i’m mostly a coffee drinker. 88-120 fluid ounces of very strong coffee on a daily basis. 3-5 cups in the morning, 5 cups during the day, another 3-5 cups in the afternoon and early evening. i find it easy to nap as well as fall asleep at night.

this; however, is a tea thread so . . .

my absolute favorite tea is white hair silver needle tea. i get a supply once a year at central market in dallas. i spend $60 for a quarter pound. i get about 35-40 cups of strong tea. it has a remarkable flavor with a bouquet of freshly mown grass, a top note of saffron and assam tea, and an earthy base note like distant rainfall to round it all out. i’m the only one in my family who enjoys it and it’s ridiculously expensive but it’s something i do love. it is also surprisingly high in caffeine.


It’s actually spelled “Earl Gray”…
Easy mistake to make! :wink:

Also as a Brit, I had never even heard of ‘Barry’s tea’ until it was mentioned on this site in the link Jason has above.

A quick look around and it is available as a delivery from all the usual supermarket suspects, yet I have never seen the stuff in the flesh.

I’m not sure what is meant by a ‘strong’ tea here, as that is usually the result of the steep length and the amount of milk added (after, obvs.), rather than something inherent in the tea.

Unless this is a comparison to bits of tea, dust and various insects that are swept up to make alleged tea like PG Tips. In which case, it isn’t strong tea, just tea.

Everything else just… isn’t.

Brit in the US here. I’m happy to say that I’ve introduced several colleagues to the refreshing delights of builders’ tea - well-brewed PG or Typhoo, milky, two sugars, with the exception of the professor who insists on drinking his black tea unadulterated, vile as it is. It tastes like tannic filth, obviously.


Tha’s not wrong.


They have that at a local market. Will try and report back! I like two big ‘jelly jar’ glasses of tea a day (each approx 2 normal cups). Double milk, no sugar, but brewed strong pls. Will also give GreyDevil’s Tapal Danedar black a go (will see if a local Indian shop has it… if not, to amazon I’ll go, ho ho)

I have a giant espresso machine in the garage, like a cave with a monster in it. Every morning, I go in there and hit the button 12 times and back to the kitchen for cream,so I can be human. Maybe the monster isn’t the espresso machine.


Yorkshire tea BREAKFAST BREW. The normal bags, they’re alright. But the Breakfast Brew is the mutts