Phone call leads police to $800,000 in stolen art by an artist who believed Jesus was a space alien

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The prints looks like generic hotel lobby art


I guess that, to a certain extent, you might be paying for the quality of print rather then the content of the artwork.

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That’s because your consciousness is weighed down with mundane concerns. I can sell you a course of cleansing audits that will enlighten you and open your spiritual centers to the universe. And if you buy within the next 23 minutes, I’ll throw in a six-pack of energy-infused, aura recharging water! Don’t wait any longer for bliss!

Seriously, don’t… the aliens could come back at any moment. You don’t want them to catch you with a flaccid aura, do you?


I just realized how weird it is that “Jesus was a space alien” is considered crazy, but “Jesus was the son of an omnipotent deity and had supernatural powers” is considered normal.


Even though the former is inherently more plausible, as we know for sure that humanoid life capable of space-flight exists on at least one planet.


Yep, but in the 50’s it was an act of radical rebellion.
In the 70’s the Iggy Pop was unsuitable for public consumption and now we use him to sell carnival cruises with endless buffets and onboard waterslides.


Don’t forget virgin birth and zombie return!!


Pshaw! Next you’ll be calling the Raelians crazy!ëlism


Yeah, exactly.

The story that violates the laws of physics and biology (and has some internal consistency issues) is the sane one!

Well, yes, but only because I’ve seen them in action.


Are you a passenger on the cruise? Do you ride and ride?

In a way I get that, though. It’s a false theory vs. an unfalsifiable theory. I mean, if aliens came here while obeying the laws of physics… that’s a really tough sell.

ETA: Parthenogenesis has never been recorded as happening naturally in mammals, but it has been induced in mammals, so the mechanism is there and the idea that it has ever happened in a human isn’t totally beyond belief. But that has the same effect for me, in a weird way it makes the story harder to believe because I can actually affix some idea of how likely that is and say it is not. Plus in parthenogenesis the offspring would have to be female (unless I guess Mary had a very unusual genetic anomaly, but I guess once you are stipulating parthenogenesis you are probably guessing at an odd genetic anomaly anyway, but I don’t think the foundational story of christianity is meant to be about a person with XXY chromosomes and asymmetric development resulting in one functioning ovary and one functioning testicle).


This was my first thought when reading the OP.

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