Photo of a homeless man's homemade shelter in a Tokyo park


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Nice digs.


@frauenfelder the sign is just a “do not enter” park sign


“Homemade” eh?


I think it says “stand up, enter, stop.”


I think it’s 立⼊禁⽌, which Google unhelpfully translates as “standstill”. The third character (assuming I’m reading it right) would be “prohibit”; the 禁⽌ pair means “a prohibition”. So, like @Israel_B says, “Do not enter”.


It’s means “entrance is prohibited” aka No Trespassing.


Also, boom, vice documentary about the ojisan that lives there.


was just about to post this. pretty cool mini documentary isn’t it?


That uncle is like a patron saint to hobos. Maybe a reborn fox.


I haven’t been to Japan, but my Japanese friends and relations already primed me for this kind of cultural difference.

If I had the money and the time, I would really like to travel these islands for a month or two, just to be wowed, and then return to my world being culturally enriched and without any comprehension. :smiley:


tachi iri kin shi


What I came here to say.
“Homeless man’s homemade shelter.”
He made it where…? At home, you say?


What does the sign say? I can understand three of the four kanji characters: “stand up” “enter” “???”

It says “Speak, friend, and enter.”


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