Pickup truck driver wants you to "Rember Perl Horber"


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My brain is looking at that and returning a “Failure to parse” error.


And that is a person that votes…


No, no, there’s clearly a space after the “H”. They obviously want us to remember a CORBA object request broker for Perl (or a header file for it, possibly). Not sure that I’d ever need it, but it’s nice of them to try to perform a public service anyways…


I’m at big fan of Perl and use it often!


Sure they can’t spell, but it’s the way they parked that’s the real travesty here.


Back in the 1930s and 40s, Perl Horber was actually a fairly well known jazz singer who frequently worked with Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, and Glenn Miller. She was, in fact, on Miller’s plane when it disappeared over France in WWII. Sadly, her work is not well known today.


he may need a refresher course. Use it or lose it you know…


Forget Pearl Harbor, Remember the Alamo!

[the sarcasm is free today]


Perl Horber will live on in our hearts.


Remember it.


Remember to save with Alamo Rental Cars!


Remember the Alimo as he spells it.


Maybe they forgot the “ny” at the end of “Alimo”


Alimo is a village in Ancuabe District in Cabo Delgado Province in northeastern Mozambique in case anyone’s forgotten.


What a firestorm that pickup driving redneck has set off.

[note free sarcasm & schadenfreude]


Maybe he’s giving us all some free scripting advice:


Testing your RAM is important before compiling…


Parking jobs like that are why you should always carry zip ties. Preferably big ones.