Piers Morgan's interview with supposed Baby Reindeer stalker should make us all feel dirty

This. One can’t possibly make such an assessment after just one episode and i would say the series isn’t even about the stalker anyway, it’s about someone coming to terms with a terrible trauma and finding some twisted version of solace in a person that is obsessed with him.


Still sounds like depressing-ass content; personally, I don’t need that in my life, especially now.


Of course, i get that, i don’t want another Civil War discussion of people saying they should watch it because it could be triggering for people with a history of this stuff.


Heard and seconded.


That’s interesting: the first episode is about the initial development about the relationship between the two, but it’s clear the narrator is makes some very bad decisions (e.g., jokingly leading her on in response to peer pressure from his mates). “Idiot” is probably an unfair assessment, but it’s plausible that was what the creators intended with ep 1.

Yes, but the reasons for his self-destructive behaviour when dealing with her becomes very upsettingly clear as the series goes on.


I watched it all and didn’t find it depressing (but could see how someone could, and traumatizing too), and instead pretty fascinating. I liked how it wasn’t just about the terror of being obsessively stalked, but also about ways the main character made the whole situation worse.

Also, I thought one of its best features was the powerful trans character, played by USian Nava Mau.

“Baby Reindeer” also presents a rarity in mainstream television in its nuanced portrayal of the relationship between Donny and Teri, who is the show’s most empathetic figure and a moral compass. Gadd, who is bisexual in real life, has confirmed that the woman who inspired the character of Teri was, in fact, transgender.

“It felt like the first time I’ve read a character who felt like she’d been written by somebody who’d actually known and loved a trans woman, so I fell in love with her, too,” Mau said. “I don’t think that means she’s got it all figured out. I don’t think that means that she always makes the best decisions. But at the very least, she loves herself enough to allow herself to take a leap and fall, because she knows she can get right back up again.”

(Again, I’m certainly not trying to convince you to watch it!)


Yeah, Nava gives a spectacular performance as an intelligent, caring and sexy woman. The show doesn’t sugar-coat the relationship either, and manages to help the viewer understand what initially seems like the narrator’s awful treatment of her.


With all due respect and apologies to the late George Carlin, “I wouldn’t fuck him (Piers Morgan) with a stolen dick.”

And in regards to the show itself, hard pass for a number of reasons.


I think I tried but it just didn’t do anything for me. As a child I loved British humor the older I’ve gotten the less I find it funny. I mean I think if I tried to watch Benny Hill now I might become actively agitated.

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I would too, but British humor, even telly humor from the 70s and 80s that got rerun in the US, isn’t all the same.

For me, there’s a river at least as wide as the Thames between the sexist and often childish humor of Benny Hill and the brilliant surrealism of Monty Python and The Young Ones.


There is an alternative.

Absolutely. Ep 1 was about 150% Fremdschämen for me. No thanks.

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  1. Any Piers Morgan “interview” should make us all feel dirty.

  2. Despite initially saying I wouldn’t, hate-watched the show. What a bunch of garbage humans, except for Teri.


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