Piñata of Ted Cruz making a run for it available for your next fiesta

Politicians have always been made fun of, often with effigies.

Why are today’s Republican politicians (and their cult followers) such snowflakes that they can’t take the heat?

ETA: Now that I’m thinking about it, a Confederate flag pinata would be cathartic.


you mean like the actual obama pinata?

or the bernie pinata?


Apparently, an effigy is worse than supporting policies (such as with the pandemic - maybe lack of policies) that lead to half a million Americans dying, and even more having no relief after losing their jobs, homes, etc. I guess false propriety about people who materially have made the world a worse place through their direction actions means far more than actual human lives.


Ted Cruz: He’s so patriotic that he wears Chile’s flag on his face!


Absolutely, he should; money and White supremacy are the only reasons he’s not.




he’s just pinin’ for his homeland.

eta: while I know it is not the same scheme as Chile or Texas flags, but important to note that while Raphael did renounce Canadian citizenship, he still retains both Cuban and US citizenship.
…In 2005 Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Cruz now retains only Cuban and American citizenships.

  • source wikipedia, sorry

Yes, I mean like that. Those are absurdly awful.

Is your point that because many Republicans are detestable individuals who enjoy beating actual Obama pinatas with baseball bats, that makes it okay for Democrats to behave similarly? Because if that’s your argument, then I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with you.

He should be in jail.

I agree 100%. Is this pinata exercise somehow related to the enforcement of law and justice? Explain what I’m missing, please.

When justice fails, ridicule is often the only weapon we have.


Maybe, and I’m just spitballin’ here, it has something to do with the fact that the selfish booger-eater abandoned his constituents to go on holiday in Mexico.


my point is that pinatas of all types are a common trope that recurs and just as i shook my head and moved on when i saw the obama pinata so too did i shake my head and move on when i saw the cruz pinata. if you want to make an argument that this use of a pinata represents some kind of curltural appropriation i’d at least be willing to listen to that but otherwise . . .

i must admit i had to chuckle at the bernie pinata and the assembly line they had set up. then again, i’m from a part of texas where pinatas are common. i’ve seen political pinatas, princess elsa pinatas, star pinatas, etc. etc. . . unless you’re ted cruz himself i don’t really understand what you’re so worked up about.


fer cryin’ out loud!
effigies have been a thing since before Guy Fawkes!
pick the prominent figure of your choice and beat, burn, hang that mf’r to your delight.
does that nurture a more civil society of well-behaved citizens? fugettaboutit!
bring me Raphael’s head on a rope that I may smack it open with glee (after being blindfolded and spun about).
so, should piñatas only be toros, o estrellas, o payasos, o…
perro no celebridades o políticos?
edit typo en mi español


The zentrum gets very upset over a lack of civility, to the point where they start confusing (for example) a pinata like this with the crude hand-made effigies we saw of Obama from conservatives: dummies with his photo slapped on the head and a lynching noose around the neck. It’s hard to understand the qualitative difference when one is having a case of the vapours.


No. I just don’t give a shit if his feelings are hurt. I’m sick of the right saying and supporting horrifying things, including near genocidal policies, and then demanding that they get treated with nothing but dignity and respect.

It’s a pinata, not a death threat - which btw, Cruz has no problem supporting coming from his voters aimed at his colleagues across the aisle.


I just wish they reacted the same way, instead of constantly berating anyone even slightly to the left every time they are less than perfectly polite, while wondering if the Nazis might be burning synagogues because we simply haven’t given them quite enough cookies and NYT interviews.


YES! sick and tired of the double standards that never seem to apply to their own acts.

…and THIS!
you’d better believe Raphael would string up a Joe Biden piñata at his daughter’s quinceañera and laugh.
guileless, feckless, and totally reprehensible.
BTW, I absolutely detest Raphael Cruz, not Cubans. I continue to use his given name, not as a slight to Latinx people, but because he so assiduously hides from it.


And to be clear, this is Mindy un-exaggerating. America has concentration camps where they have been non-consensually sterilizing women and leaving children in cages you wouldn’t keep a stray animal in. Very plainly based on race. From the work of people like Ted Cruz.

For anyone wondering about the line, supposing we made it that…once someone starts building god damn concentration camps, it’s ok to sell piñatas of them. Would you still be so worried about that as the “distasteful” part of all this?


How about this thing they were actually selling?

IMHO, this Cruz piñata is more of a tongue in cheek take on the specific Mexico trip, and less of a call to shoot or beat the actual person.


Not to mention the refusal to do anything on the pandemic front because it hit blue areas, and especially minorities the hardest.