Pippi Won’t Grow Up – Whimsical, charming and wonderfully absurd



I watched the 1988 movie growing up and never had a clue there were comics.

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Whaaaaaaaaaat? You people had to grow up without Pippi? She’s been one of the most beloved childhood heroes all over Europe for generations. I was sure that fame crossed the ocean too.

In that case you should know that there are several films and multiple TV-Series. But if you want to do yourself a favor, get Lindgrens original books. (And of course her other series like “Emil of Lönneberga” and “Ronja and the robbers”).


Pippi Longstocking rules! She is one of the prototype ‘strong female characters’, not the least of which is that she does pretty much as she pleases, flouts irrational authority, and oh yes, can carry her horse one handed if need be.

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