Pitting 11,000 virtual vicious penguins against 4,000 murderous virtual Santas


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My fourteen-year-old son was giggling at the computer the other day and I asked what r u watching? Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - in alpha for free on mac and windows
tons of fun
two thumbs up


So who’s home turf was it – North Pole or South?

Amusing and cool, but I would have like a little better cinematic care than just the herky jerky viewer flying over it.


“Don’t hit the penguin.”


War…war never changes…


Those are some lethal godsdamn penguins!


And that’s why I hated World War Z.


Someone was badly traumatized by santas as a child.


so… Merry Christmas?


Man, the penguins would have done better if they hadn’t all hurled themselves off cliffs.


Little known fact: the English victory at Agincourt was largely due to their adoption of the newer weapon the Candy Cane, against the older, quickly obsolete weapon of the Penguin Bomb employed by the French.


“Nothing could stop the March of the Penguins, as they strode over the bodies of their slain foes, on to their mating grounds to perpetuate the Circle of Life™.” - Morgan Freeman speaking over the Lion King soundtrack.


That wasn’t even fair, the Santas were woefully unprepared. They didn’t even bring along a few giftcannon or some battlesleighs?


The moral of this story: Never bring a candy cane to a beak fight.


Aw, I wanted to write that.


It would have been even more lopsided but due to the location of the battle the Penguins weren’t able to bring their naval advantage to bear:


Talk about a war on Christmas. That was a total blood bath.


Huh. I always wondered what went on at those Santacons


“A reindeer! A reindeer! My workshop for a reindeer!”


This would be interesting to try to conceptualize real massive battle in history. I mean like the Battle of Cannae. I mean you can read the historic account, look at the numbers of what forces were involved, and even the diagrams of the major maneuvers. But to actually visualize what that would look like, it nigh impossible for me.