Pittsburgh synagogue shooter to be executed

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I’d have preferred he be locked away from the rest of us in a box for the rest of his useless life with no chance of parole. In any case, good riddance (and, as the FPP indicates, one less Nazi voter for the GOP).


Execution is not justice. Penitence is justice. Or, in the absence of penitence, a life of boredom as one is forgotten by and forgets the world is close enough.


Some criminals welcome execution because it offers an escape from having to face up to what they have done. This in itself is a good reason to abolish the death penalty.


Given the length of the process, he may well die before he can be executed.


I only support the death penalty for predatory offenders, and I think it demands a higher burden of proof.

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“If the Beth Din arrived at a unanimous verdict of guilty, the person was let go - the idea being that if no judge could find anything exculpatory about the accused, there was something wrong with the court.”


The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.


I disagree to some degree. Hitler’s dead and he’s treated like a martyr. The Nazis who were hanged at Nuremberg are treated like heroes to the neo-nazis of today and are venerated.

I think the only good Nazi is one we lock into a tiny box and make insignificant and non-existent, but not a martyr. This guy’s gonna be executed and treated like a hero to these assholes. I want him to just never be mentioned again, to vanish, to get no press , no media, no stories, nothing. Don’t give him the attention he deserves, don’t give his supporters the ability to protest outside the prison as he’s being executed, don’t give people the chance to make netfliix movies or dateline or whatever true crime podcasts come about to laud him.

Just… gone. Completely and fully. Forever, but with the knowledge that he’s going to spend the rest of his hopefully long life in a box being completely insignificant.




When someone actively seeks to become a martyr for their hateful ideology then capital punishment is giving that person a gift.


So cyber bullying is not enough, it has to be stochastic terrorism. They don’t want a meme party. They want actual Nazi party. Fucking fascists and their Fourth Reich.


After the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, most domestic news outlets did not name the perpetrator. The Prime Minister at the time, Jacinda Ardern, made a point of never saying his name.


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I don’t rejoice in this, but neither do I have any solutions.

If the death penalty actually deterred violent crime, that might be a different matter… but it doesn’t.


This, but as the tip of the problems with the death penalty. I sometimes look at people who have done horrible things, and wish them off the earth. But then I think about the costs of the death penalty, the way it is inaccurately applied, the ways that it is unequally applied across different races and socioeconomic levels of those accused, and it just seems like a moral blackhole.


Apparently the race of the victims is an even stronger predictor of who gets sentenced to die for their crimes than the race of the convict. It’s social inequities on every possible level.



The economics of a death penalty case and verdict is the “gift that keeps on giving” to the lawyers participating on both sides of the case.

In the event that the verdict is life without parole, the defendant would have to pay for the (chain of) appeals “on their own dime” which will likely not happen.

Otherwise, Uncle Sam is paying for a nearly endless chain of appeals for both sides that will inevitably wind its way to the Supreme Court.

The only way I can see to end this financial stalemate would be to make Life Without Parole the default maximum, with the death penalty as an elective option by the defendant.

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A prisoner who wants to escape their guilt through death should be punished with life.