Pizzeria adds chairs to go with that little plastic table


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It’s so beautiful.


I prefer places that use a dough ball.


But, now all I can think about is Pizza!


I never understood why it’s called Boston Pizza. Boston is known for many things, but pizza is not one of them.


Now I’m wishing for a patio-sized pizza…


I guess for a chain started in Alberta it was sufficiently far away, American, and East Coast enough to be be akin to New York pizza, without having to compete with all the other pizza places selling New York pizza?



Makes me wish I had some dolls to play with


My first actual belly laugh in months. Thanks Canada.


Makes me want some anchovies to swim around the little picnic site.


A Canadian company with an American name started by Greeks making Italian food


We NEVER ordered pizza as a kid. I don’t think it was even an option where I lived.

But visiting a cousin who got some pizza that way, I took those little “tables” for use with my Star Wars figures. Great for the Cantina!


So the hour-long line to get into the original Regina’s is a mirage?

Ok, Boston ain’t New York in the pizza dept. But it’s no slouch. Far superior to anything I’ve found on the west coast.

ETA: also, why bother being the one-millionth pizza place with New York in the title?


I never said that Boston doesn’t have good pizza, just that it’s not known for it.

Some of my best friends are from Boston! Some of them even make their own pizza, and it’s good.

Name recognition?? But, to be authentic, it would have to be called “Ray’s Pizza”.


All fun and games until people ruin it and start ingesting the chairs in 3…2…1…


I think Regina’s is great pizza, but then I also enjoy the pizza I get for lunch at one of those Italian-food lunch places staffed possibly entirely by folks from Brazil (this is the second one of these places I’ve found in Boston, btw).

Maybe I have good taste in pizza, or, as a friend calls it, the taste of a can opener. Possibly both, probably the second (not slighting Regina’s).


Same tbh. I will eat pretty much any pizza that I come across. I still feel like I know the diff between good and bad tho.

And FWIW, La Befana in Allston is my fave spot. They have the only garlic knots worth talking about in town.


Am disappointed that this does not come with little mini pizza people to put in the chairs.


and a mini pizza on the table, with its own mini pizza table and chairs, with…

It’s pizzas all the way down.


It’s a nice touch they used the monobloc chair as a template.
The monobloc chair is the one thing that really unites humanity.