Plans for Trump's July 4 'Military Tanks on The Mall' parade remain secret


Trump says generals are ‘thrilled’ with July 4 salute; their silence suggests otherwise


Did he say which country the generals were from?


Are liberals ever going to get tired of crediting Putin for all of America’s long-standing problems? Do y’all really think that blaming everything on foreign subversion is a productive way to respond to fascism?


It’s kind of a running joke at this point. It’s an established fact that Putin was deeply involved in the last election and had an active hand in getting Trump installed as President. Do I think he actually controls Trump? No, not at all. But having a warmongering, isolationist, hate-stoking leader of America with deep Ukranian debts most definitely serves his best interests.

The references to Putin’s America are, I believe, more to compare what’s going on now to the old USSR.

Is it “productive”? I dunno, is doing anything on a bulletin board “productive”? Is suggesting we rise up in violent protest “productive”?


I disagree very highly. But feel free to remember your posts as you wish to.


Whatever number turns up, Trump will inflate. Or he’ll claim the liberal media tricked people into not attending.


Don misses running a big Volvo dealership. Cut him some nostalgia slack.

I was working for the state when he defended state employees’ healthcare provisions in the budget, so I have nothing against him, but Congress in general has turned into a bunch of feckless cowards who refuse to use or defend their constitutionally mandated powers. I guess Don’s guilty by association.

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What about Me-Kun?


Dear sir or madam,

I’m not sure if your aware, but those aren’t tanks in the picture. Their armored personnel carriers. Tanks have big guns. Also, their flying the flag of Mississippi, so I’m not sure why they’d be in the July 4th parade as their a rebel country.

No. That would be Donny Two Scoops who pays people to show up at his campaign rallies.


I once saw a documentary trying to reconstruct the last days of DDR. There were protests on the streets and the leaders considered sending in tanks as a show of force, but in the end decided not to as it would tear up the streets too much.


If it doesn’t thunderstorm, it’s going to be about 90, humid so the heat index is going to be in the mid 90’s. You don’t honor people by ordering them to march in 90 degree heat in dress uniforms on what’s normally a holiday. Or by having them stand next to you on a hot stage while you give a political speech.


Are liberals ever going to get tired of crediting Putin for all of America’s long-standing problems?

Um… No. He’s problematic, but if he, and for that matter, the entire Russian nation were to spontaneously combust tomorrow, we still have existential problems of climate change and potential home grown fascism, other countries that we might have nuclear war with, systemic racism, wealth inequality, dependency on agricultural monocultures, antibiotic resistance, ground water contamination, insect and honeybee depletion, etc. In a close election, Putin interfered and may have tipped the balance, and made things markedly worse for our civilization as we’ve known it. If you feel that historic tipping point that might conceivably lead to a Trump tantrum that leads to nuclear confrontation or inaction on climate that might cripple civilization is something we should forget about, that’s an interesting take. Putin was certainly not the only actor, Chris Christie, McConnel, Jeff Sessions and others who helped Trump ascend and certainly also are to blame. As are are news outlets that interviewed him, gave him a microphone and didn’t challenge his blatant dishonesty. Given how fervently Republicans have worshiped for decades at the altar of American Exceptionalism, it’s bizarre to see their standard bearer fawn over Putin, so pointing out that still shocking and upsetting hypocrisy is something I’ll stop doing when they stop acting like crazy people.


What picture are you talking about?

“… consideration must be given to minimize damage to local infrastructure.”

Well, that’s a turn up for the books.

They could respond by saying they’ll make sure that the chief of the Army, Navy and Airforce will be there on the podium; and then just leave him on his own with a puzzled expression on his face.


He’s putting our money toward this single-citizen security solution: Tacstorm, people!