Playmobil traffic cone swallowed 40 years ago mistaken as lung tumor


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I knew it’d turn up sooner or later.


Doctors discovered a small plastic traffic cone in a 47-year-old British man’s chest he had received for his seventh birthday.

So what did he do without a chest for his first seven years?


Not to be pedantic (WHO AM I KIDDING??? This is BB after all…)

But it wasn’t so much “swallowed” as that would imply the digestive tract was involved, as it was “inhaled” as it seems like the resting place of this traffic cone was his lungs. That is unless he actually swallowed it, and it ruptured through his esophagus, then again into his lung tissue (which seems the less likely of the two possibilities).


I wonder why he stopped coughing when it was first inhaled. That’s a lot larger than a drop of water…


I gather he’s no relation to the kid who swallowed a Weeble and went on to a successful career as a high-wire artist.


I suppose it’s better to have a toy you inhaled 40 years ago mistaken for a tumor than to have a tumor mistaken for a toy.



Well technically it was not inhaled but aspirated. You inhale gases. Foreign objects or substances that pass through the airway are considered aspirated.


And all I got for my seventh birthday was a stupid G.I. Joe.


Cough is better, huh? Wait until he sees the Playmo-bill.


I’m surprised that it didn’t serve as a nidus for severe recurrent lung infections/pneumonia.


Since he was successful, is it safe to assume he did not, in fact, fall down?


Touche! You win the retentivity (is that even a word?) pedantry award :slight_smile:

(and I wanted it soooo badly :frowning: )


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