Please God let this be real: Hanna-Barbera to reboot Snagglepuss as "Gay Southern Gothic Playwright"


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Hmm. Pink. Dreams of being an actor. Dons fancy collar and cuffs. A teensy bit effete. Contemporary to pretty much the time being portrayed. Sure. That would work. I like it.


Russell’s first Snagglepuss story will appear in the Suicide Squad/Banana Splits annual, which hits shelves March 29. Dale Eaglesham provides the art for that story, which brings Snagglepuss before the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Is… is this real life? Because as awesome as this project sounds, it’s like something produced by a bizarre comicbook hipster Markov Chain text generator.


They could have Ian McKellen play his catty ex-lover, the Pink Panther.


I was more of a Squiddly Diddly guy, but – hey – why the hell not?


Will there be a “Top Cat” crossover?


ZOMG! That would be the ZOMG!iest ZOMG! that evar ZOMG!ed a ZOGM!!!1111eleventy-one!!!


Hanna-Barbera to reboot Snagglepuss as “Gay Southern Gothic Playwright”

I never thought about it before but it sounds like they’re just going back to the original inspiration.


Oh, what a joyful day to frolic and play. Whaddya say to that? Whaddya say to thaaaaat?

Why do I hear this in Imperator Joe’s voice?


And he’s wearing assless air chaps.


Strangley enough there was a point (quite a few years ago now) at which I worked on a pitch which featured Snagglepuss and Jana of the Jungle co-hosting a weird internet talk show. It never saw the light of day.


When I first saw this headline, I thought it was Bagpuss.

Snagglepuss makes more sense.


I don’t mind him being gay, pretty much because snagglepuss always struck me as more than a bit fabulous anyway.

What I fear is constant one note ‘hey did you know I’m gay? Here is my boyfriend showing you I’m gay. Guess what guys? I like doing these things because i’m gay. ETC…’

It is that one note ham fisted ‘there is nothing else to the character’ portrayal I fear.


I always group Snagglepuss and Uncle Arthur in the same boat. Guys that I knew were gay before I knew what gay meant.


All chaps are assless. Otherwise they’re just pants.


Please, God, get Scott Thompson cast in this if it’s good.


Looks like it’s a comic book. Which makes sense given the recent Flintstones reboot.


yep, they were definitely key to me figuring out my identity in my formative years. i’m so on board with this.


Snagglepuss gave me funny feelings I couldn’t explain when I was very young. I am SO on board with this.

I mean, if they can reboot Wacky Racers as Mad Max, why not?


Snagglepuss/Top Cat