Please God let this be real: Hanna-Barbera to reboot Snagglepuss as "Gay Southern Gothic Playwright"

As a gay person. Fine, get the retro thing. But it’s rather insulting that they seem to think reinforcing 50’s era gay stereotypes of lisping, mincing effeminate theater characters is being 'forward thinking’
What’s next a step’en fetch it black character?


I 'ship it.

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They could have Ian McKellen play his catty ex-lover, the Pink Panther.
[/quote]Ian McKellen would be great in whatever role they put him in, but if they animate this, then for continuity’s sake I think it would be best to stick with Matt Frewer. Also, as they’re both pink cats, it could make more sense for them to be brothers.

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Don’t forget CNR.


A friend of mine tells the story that he was in the Empire Diner in Manhattan one night when a man he recognized as Tennessee Williams paid his bill by travelers check and left. Interested in collecting the signature, my friend offered to buy the check from the diner. They agreed. Tennessee Williams died shortly after. Possibly that night.


Oh. My. Word. That’s a great idea. I like the sound of that flintstones comic as well - “It could be thought of as pre-apocalyptic fiction”.

No, I’ve known a few guys that if they wore assless chaps, they are truly assless chaps.


As a fan of Fred & Ginger movies, I protest that Edward Everett Horton & Eric Blore were the 1st wave. There was a book a few years back about the the “type” in Hollywood.

The pure joy of 2 masters at work:


Exit, stage right!

Edward Everett Horton would seem to have pulled.

This is of course the film where Eric Blore revealed that he had an “unnatural passion for rocks.”

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Love them.

But, there was never a first wave.


Is Snagglepuss “lisping, mincing effeminate”? I don’t think so. I think he’s jokingly cynical and sarcastic and broad. I hang out with gay guys and I know men who pretty much play that character among friends.

It is eye-opening because it makes me see how straight people play a “typical hetero” character in their peer groups.

All the world’s a stage…


Of food poisoning?

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Some of my best friends…eh.


…although if I were staying at 60 East 54th Street I wonder if I would go to a diner at 210 10th Ave. I suppose it could happen.


It’s just one of those flavor things you have to say like throbbing manhood, or racist Republican. Chaps are not nearly as gay as assless chaps.

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You could just say assless pants. Chaps don’t even have a crotch.

ETA really surprised that wasn’t a Blake Edwards movie.

In cartoons, anything can happen.

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It sounds better than the previous reboot