Poland changed its laws regarding IVF, denying women access to their own embryos

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You can tell we’re quoting The New Yorker by their quirky use of “insure” in the sense in which most people would use “ensure” (that is, to mean “to make certain”, rather than “to make a cash bet against”). It would be annoying anywhere else, but when they do it, it’s cute.

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Wow, that is seriously Nazi sounding rhetoric. That is kinda terrifying, especially when you consider that there have to be records somewhere of exactly who these babies are, and they can probably be tracked down should some future eugenics movement take power. In the position of a parent of one of these kids, I might be looking into emigrating if I were able to do so.


Whenever something or someone in Poland goes Nazi, I have serious doubt if they really had enough back then in the 1940ies? Didn’t they learn from that?


Xtianists around the world are taking full advantage of having right-wing populist regimes in power in order to push their agenda of rolling back reproductive choice for women. Another example:


they kinda liked it and want some more.


Calling Mr. Blazkowicz…


But then I speak British English, so probably find it even more annoying as a result.

Back to topic - the Polish Law and Justice party and its supporters (including Polish Catholic Church leaders) has always been an only-just-in-the-closet bunch of fascists. With this, they have come out of the closet as real life wannabee Nazis.


They’ve forgotten that Hitler intended to exterminate them.

In 1941 it was decided to destroy the Polish nation completely and the German leadership decided that in 15–20 years the Polish state under German occupation was to be fully cleared of any ethnic Poles and settled by German colonists.[32]:32 A majority of them, now deprived of their leaders and most of their intelligentsia (through mass murder, destruction of culture, the ban on education above the absolutely basic level, and kidnapping of children for Germanization), would have to be deported to regions in the East and scattered over as wide an area of Western Siberia as possible. According to the plan this would result in their assimilation by the local populations, which would cause the Poles to vanish as a nation.[27]

According to plan, by 1952 only about 3–4 million ‘non-Germanized’ Poles (all of them peasants) were to be left residing in the former Poland. Those of them who would still not Germanize were to be forbidden to marry, the existing ban on any medical help to Poles in Germany would be extended, and eventually Poles would cease to exist. Experiments in mass sterilization in concentration camps may also have been intended for use on the populations


Cannot like that but thanks for posting it. One wonders if the Nazis would not have fully embraced IVF, if they’d had it, as a way of implanting guaranteed Aryan embryos - probably in enforced ‘labour’ camps (no sick pun intended) - to more efficiently populate places like Poland with true Germans.

It’s not so much IVF the PiS party is against as the fact that it lets the infertile (“inferior”) and homosexual (“perverted”) produce children, when their whole credo is that children must only be produced in good, Catholic God-fearing heterosexual family units.

One thing Brexit might have as a benefit is lots of younger Poles returning home and retilting the electorate back to some sort of sanity. The oldies left behind have messed up big-time.


Perhaps, but the idea that children born through IVF are genetically defective would strike a chord with Nazi eugenic doctrine.

Those humans targeted for destruction under Nazi eugenics policies were largely living in private and state-operated institutions, identified as “life unworthy of life” (German: Lebensunwertes Leben ), including prisoners, “degenerates”, dissidents, people with congenital cognitive and physical disabilities (including people who were “feeble-minded”, epileptic, schizophrenic, manic-depressive, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, deaf, blind) (German: erbkranken ), homosexual, idle, insane, and the weak, for elimination from the chain of heredity. More than 400,000 people were sterilized against their will, while up to 300,000 were killed under Action T4, a euthanasia program.


So I’m guessing that you’re also a fan of their use of coöperate.


WTF is that? A German umlautmutual-metal band?
English has no umlauts.

(Hang on - are we being trolled?) :wink:

The mental gymnastics involved in regarding them as both potential monsters and innocents that need to be protected are pretty impressive.
edited to add One is reminded of the doping scandals among East European athletes during the 70s.


It’s not an umlaut, it is a diaeresis, although the glyph is the same. It was once sometimes used in English to indicate that the second vowel is NOT combined with the first. These days it survives in Noël, a few proper names like Zoë, and the pages of the New Yorker. Otherwise like the apostrophe in 'bus it has disappeared from use.


Dear Poland,

Fuck you.

Womb-havers & Embryos everywhere


There’s still an apostrophe in 'bus; it’s like the one in 'phone.

Or is that just me?


Once upon a time people travelled from Sweden to Poland to get abortions, perhaps we will see similar trips in the other direction.

I was surprised to see it in an account from the beginning of WWI. It has fallen into disues 100 years ago.


I think you meant disuës?