Poland rejects the EU's copyright censorship plans, calls it #ACTA2

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/12/05/wolnesocialmedia.html

Wait … so we are (to some extent) relying on the Polish political party in power, whose focus is right-wing anti-democratic arseholery (religionist anti-abortion moves, removing judicial independence so they can get what they want ‘legally’, and so on) to block some copyright rules proposed by the right-wing-supporting, late-stage capitalist multi-national corporate media dinosaurs, and about to be enacted by the one organisation that in other areas tries to rein in the same late-stage capitalists with regulatory regimes that actually protect people and workers?

Yeah, I can get my head around that. Go Poland!

But just note that ‘my enemy’s enemy is not my friend’. (Which is currently T.May’s political reality, as an aside.)


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