Police officer calmly handles irate gentleman


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Something tells me this guy practices his rants in the mirror.

Did he say this was his second citation for tint?

I can agree that tint laws are bs, but, you know, you know going into it if you get caught you pay the fine.


Roger That!


Kinda reminds me of this older video of a patient Maine state trooper…


Now that IS progress! Officer Chillballs listens to Sir Pottymouth with the slightest hint of resignation. Kind of like: ok another loudmouthed utube jerk… how did I ever get in to this line of work? law and order? stupid tint couldn’t give a rats behind… sure looking forward to steaks at Jerry’s and some poker later. I cleaned up last time, yessiree. The wives are gonna watch some crap movie while we smoke cigars in the man cave. Can Not. Oh wait , Sir Pottymouth is done.

“You have a safe day sir”

walk away and… was that a headshake? yup… gonna get an extra brewski at Jerry’s tonight…

heck I was ready to pop a cap in his @$$ just to make him stop ranting. the noive!


“I’m ****** white, right?”

You know, I didn’t pick up on that right away.



“You have a safe day, sir.”

Officer Clark deserves a commendation for Not Rising to the Bait.


Should be shown to every police training class in the country: “This is professionalism. This is what we expect of you.”


“And be looking out for this on my youtube channel, where I can make an ass of myself”


Why are tint laws BS? In a firearm proliferation-happy country like ours, I think it’s pretty reasonable to require that cops be able to see into a car’s windows when they stop it.

It seems like tint laws are very poorly enforced, and the uneven enforcement can lead to a lot of resentment from the handful of folks who do get cited for illegally tinted windows. It also sometimes gives abuse-prone cops a pretense for DWB stops.

But what is the problem with the rule itself?


Jeezum crow, what’s the opposite of victim blaming.

Bad manners is bad manners, you got caught, deal with the facts.


As a SoCal resident tint helps with maintaining cool car cabins under the sun. But it’s mostly uneven enforcement because there is a legal level of tint allowed but not every cop encounter properly assess that.


Aside from the wisdom or necessity of tint laws, aside from the state of police/civilian relations, that cop probably sleeps better than that driver.

Edited: I meant tint laws, not tiny laws, but whatever.


#wypipo #firstworldproblems

Side note: Does anyone else agree that this could totally be Creed’s new job after The Office?


Is anyone surprised that the guy behind the camera is white?


It’s super useful for keeping your car cool and some privacy. It’s been demonized that only drug dealers, mobsters, and pimps use them.

It sure does give one a reason to pull someone over for no other reason. If it were legal, it would be one less thing to control others.

Ironically, my black shooting buddy has dark tint so he won’t be targeted just for his skin. It’s a nice, nondescript car otherwise.


Also Vanagon owners wanting to stealth camp in cities.


I thought the “If this vans a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.” bumper sticker was all the privacy you needed?



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