Politician to area man: "Fuck off"


Obviously this was a simple mishearing. They gave the replicant more life, so he is simply continuing the successful strategy of appending “fucker!” to every sentence.


“I approached him afterwards to say that his behaviour as a public official in a church was wrong.”

That last line really cracked me up.


I know I would act the same way in the same situation.

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In the politician’s defense:

  1. “Fuck off” is not used the same there as it is in the U.S.

  2. If the politician’s claims are true, the attendee should have had more happen to him that being told to fuck off. He was threatening someone. (The throat-cutting gesture, et al.)

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I can’t find any mention of what provoked him. But it is rather interesting that this is exactly the sort of ‘no-nonsense’ behavior that caused the US press to fawn over Chris Christie. Or is it only praiseworthy when vitriol is directed at a woman?

Depending on the circumstances it might be an appropriate response.

funny how they don’t really go into details about what set him off. Hmmm it’s almost like they are intentionally slanting the story.

There are usually a few well known locals who are regulars at any local political gathering that have pushed things to the limits. I’m pretty sure this is the case here.

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“Fuck off” here in the UK can be used among friends as a mild expression of disbelief, rather like “get out of here”. However, if used against strangers is likely to lead to violence, or at least a severe tutting. A politician losing his cool enough to drop the f-bomb in public must either have been very flustered or Boris Johnson.

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Sometimes people just need to fuck off. But perhaps that is why I would be a terrible politician.


I’m of two minds here:

  1. The politician could have just as easily told the person who confronted him after the fact exactly WHY he told that guy to shut up, mentioned the throat cutting gesture, etc, instead of just saying “Fuck off”. As far as I can tell, the person who confronted him for being rude was not the same person making the threatening gesture.
  2. I probably would have done the same thing. But then, I’m not a politician.
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I, for one, think that at least the point about being in a church not making a difference was reasonable.


Yeah, that struck me as a remarkably sane thing to say.

Politicians, in the main, could do with fucking off. Then, when they get there, fucking off again.

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What’s really getting lost amid all this controversy, though, is that that’s a really sweet ribbon he’s wearing.

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Denton-White put his salty ways down to the fact that he grew up in nearby Portsmouth.

More like Potty-mouth! Eh? Eh?

Aw, fuck all y’all.


Well, that first paragraph seemed to be straight out of The Onion.

“I’ve seen things that you people wouldn’t believe…but right now, fuck off.”

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Well the guy was probably sick of constantly being mistaken for Rutger Hauer…


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