Politico interviews Trump's biographers to understand his motivations


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So he’s done a piss poor job of turning his daddy’s $300 M real estate empire into more of a golden opportunity?

Donald P Trump is our new leader, peons! Trickle down economics is good for you! шлюхами!


My hope is that he will delegitimize the GOP.

You can con people, but you can’t con reality, and hiring a bunch of plutocrats and willfully ignorant ideologues to run your cabinet is asking for trouble when reality comes calling.


I don’t think I like this Donald Trump person very much.



Depends however on what you think the wackjobs that thought Orange Julius was an acceptable choice.

As far as they are concerned they already got all the education they need and other people not getting an education is a good thing, makes them BETTER than others. Seems like the more vindictive stuff his Horse owning people of the apocalypse do to “others” the better for Trump’s teapublican optics.


Everyone can posit whatever analysis or rationale they want. They can assign blame or fault systems.

In the end, it is almost an inevitability.

A broken, loser country that fosters a culture of delusional and insecure self-importance is represented in executive office by a broken loser with a delusional and insecure self-importance.



it sucks


As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.

H. L. Mencken


We need to create Twitter accounts for Donald Trump’s mother and father, who constantly criticize and belittle him.

Yes, this might lead to a nuclear strike on a server farm, but the discomfort it will cause will be worth the fallout.


It’s a pity that a real Democracy - that invests in itself for the primary virtues of critical thinking and genuine participatory civic opportunity - has never been tried in the USA. It runs counter to the imperative of capital, which captured the nation.

The requirements of capital-holding elite were principal in the shaping of American gestation and infancy. Democratic aspects were largely concessions made for “mob management”. This was gradually perfected over time.


Ignorantly, I used to believe (in a barely recognized, almost subliminal way) that Hitler and his followers were an aberration, limited to some defect in the German people’s character.

Not any more.


We prefer the term American Exceptionalism.


Everybody who wants to make gains from a Trump presidency will try their hardest to do so and that usually means taking something from you so they can get said gains. The fact that he is a clown show is just something they have to work around.



You know how he punctuates many of his tweets with the word “sad”?

Not an insult, it’s his status.


Is there some market that I can short Trump in?

Besides fingers 'natch.


If he really wanted people to like him for who he is, he could have tried, I don’t know, not being a COMPLETE ASSHOLE. My take is that he knows it’s his money people like, so why be nice? Except now that he wants people to show up at his big party, he might be wishing he had some actual friends. Boo hoo.


Good line for a song. Can I use it?


I think they’re giving Trump too much credit for self reflection.

I think he can be explained more simply: It seems that throughout his life he has believed himself to be better than everyone else and therefore he deserves more than everyone else.