Poll shows old white men lead the Democratic presidential race


“Old white men” . . .

Well. . . Bernie is pretty pale skinned, but I guarantee you there are country clubs that would sure as hell deny he’s “white.”


I’m enjoying juxtaposing this post with another post from two days ago:

Is Sanders electable or troubled? Honestly though, it’s encouraging that the site has political diversity in its posts, but it doesn’t do anyone any favors to throw “troubled records on everything from race, misogyny, and guns” out there and then offer literally no further context. Cory’s post has polls that paint a pretty different picture of his support.


By all means please point to who among the current “field” is more of a centrist candidate who would garner enough support from DEM and IND as well as pull from the REP side of things?

I’ll be drinking some whiskey over here while you come up with an answer to that and thinking about how I said he is as close to it as it gets than anyone else in the crop of candidates regardless of how far or close anyone thinks that is.


I’d take Biden or Harris or a lump of coal as our president other than an active agent of a foreign power…

So pair up Biden with the VP of your choice. hmmmm he is old and so very very white, maybe someone who is younger, bolder, maybe a different demo. Biden/Harris? Biden/Booker has some nice alliteration. Gabbard as VP? again as long as we get Mango Mussolini out of there… a semi-sentient rock would do a better job than the current regime.

Can AOC be veep? I like her in congress and hope she has a long and successful career.


I’m not sure there’s a meaningful difference between “we need to nominate an old white dude to appeal to people who are too close-minded to vote for anyone else” and “we’re too close-minded to nominate anyone who isn’t an old white dude.”

I remember back in the 80s when Jesse Jackson threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination, there was endless commentary about how Democrats were being hopelessly naive even considering him because America was too racist to vote for a black President. Even at the time I was thinking “if we accept that as a given then aren’t WE part of the problem?”


At the moment many Republicans seem focused on tarring him as an anti-Semite because he doesn’t always throw his unquestioning support behind everything Israel does, but that’s cognitive dissonance for ya.


I am frustrated when people refer to a person who was born Jewish in 1941 as a “white guy”. I know Sanders has light skin, but the holocaust was going on while he was alive. The white supremacists don’t think he’s white.


I am both Jewish and White. I do not get to choose which I am.

People who define me because of what religion my family practiced in the past call me a Jew. I do not go to temple or believe in God. Also lots of folk determine my last name identifies in a “jewey” way.

People who see my skin color without knowing my last name call me white. I don’t get to tell them I’m not.

I’ve often felt that I am white until the last person with more melanin in their skin leaves then room, then I’m a jew. If I’m the only guy with light skin and a Jewish last name in the room – I can be both!


Not to go too far off topic, but damn do I feel you on this bruh.


I used to smoke cigars with a guy who was a parole officer in a federal prison. He said the Jews were under the protection of the White Supremacists. So, take that FWIW. Heck maybe even some made friends with “one of the good ones”.


That what makes the Jewish supporters of Il Douche and the ones who joins anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant groups and sites especially foolish. Sooner or later, the kapos are put up against the wall alongside the other Jews by their erstwhile “friends”.


There are so many people already in the race who are so much better-qualified and better-aligned with the party’s momentum than Folksy Amtrak-riding Gaffe Machine Uncle Joe Biden, but if it (somehow, inexplicably, in the face of all evidence of energy and engagement in the Democratic party right now) comes down to Trump versus Biden in 2020, I will obviously vote for Biden.

No, my understanding is that the VP has to be legally capable of being president on Inauguration Day, and AOC won’t be 35 until the 2024 cycle.


Remember that this far out the polls are meaningless. This is just something for talking heads to fill airtime with.


Here on the outside White Supremacists vary in flavor. Many maintain friendship with Israel as 1) proof of their inclusiveness and acceptance of the other 2) as their holy land and know “the Jews” will be swept away as unclean anyways so why worry?

White Supremacists may pronounce love and deep respect for Israelis. They will not love ultra-reform liberals from Santa Monica who practiced Judaism until the moment after their forced Bar Mitzvah.


I think it would remarkable if America elected it’s first president of Jewish faith or heritage. It would be remarkable if America elected it’s first openly non-straight president or it’s first transgender president, or it’s first president who is open about their mental health disability (certainly not the first president with a mental health disability). Any of those positions might be filled by an old white man, but in any of those cases I would find it odd if someone lamented that America had elected another old white man. There are a lot of characteristics that link all previous presidents, and breaking through any of those barriers would mean something.


Plus the idea of a Jewish Ethno-state fits pretty well with the whole separatist “We don’t hate other races we just think they should be 100% segregated into racially pure polities”.

So Israel is useful as a place to forcibly deport all the Jews to.


As a person also considered a Jew, I see Bernie as most aligned with ‘old white man.’

I’d love a Jewish President. If Bernie is the Democratic candidate and Orange Julius is what the Republicans offer me, I will vote for Bernie even tho he is an Old White Man.


Fair enough, and I take it differently from you than I would from Sean Hannity*. My antenna went up, I will put them back down.

* Not that a assume my approval matters!



Vermin Supreme is also an old white guy https://twitter.com/VerminSupreme


I think that’s why a lot of them love the idea of Marcus Garvey too.

They probably love the idea of all kinds of people packing and leaving as some kind of “self-deportation”.