Poo found in pound store


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Well, as long as it priced at a pound or less, it’s to be expected, innit?


You want poop? Go to San Diego’s downtown, you’ll be tip toeing through the poop in no time.


It was not confirmed by press time whether the excrement was human.

I can already tell you, it wasn’t human, but it might have been from a human.


Local news is always a study of wonder at how this information got into a newspaper.


Why on Earth is this on Boing Boing?


Previously in Poo



Walking around the Mission in San Francisco years ago, always on the lookout for discarded electronics or books, I saw a box up the block.

Approaching the box, I peeked in…

Never look in the “empty” box.


No one expecting to find shit in a Poundland/Dollar store has never been in one before… :wink:


Ah, the British regional press. Connoisseurs of the genre hold the Evesham Journal in particular regard.


Especially not in the Mission district of SF!


This article reminded me. A few years ago, I worked in the Australian warehouse of a twee English brand. Opening a box of pre-packaged curtains, I found shit within. No idea if it was human or animal or how it got in there. Perhaps fortunately, it was dry. Between the curtains being made, packaged and boxed in China or somewhere, then the long boat-ride to Melbourne, then to the warehouse, there was ample opportunity for shit to get in the box, I guess. Good times. :unamused:


Egad! It’s as if all the crime-plagued towns of Midsomer Murders have been rolled up into one festering pit of vicious skullduggery! Get Detective Barnaby on the line, stat!


I’ve worked retail. The places you find poo are legion.


Poo is one of nature’s best deterrents.

On a related note:


By the arrow in that photo it appears you’re blaming the tattooed guy looking at his phone.

Sorry, tattooed “bloke.”


Bravo Sir! :wink:


One shopper, who asked not to be named, said: “I was appalled. It’s not what you expect.”

I went to university in Bolton; it’s exactly what I’d expect.


I don’t know, maybe it was Steven Miller?