Pop Tarts replaces model's eyes with mouths in nightmare ad


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I hope they paid you well!


You just made me look at a viral advertisement again. You monster.


Wait a minute, isn’t this whole replace-eyes-with-mouth thing your jam, @beschizza?

So did they … steal your mojo?


If you didn’t learn from the first post…


When something becomes popular enough it becomes it’s own genre.


They perfected it.


There’s some history.


That’s funny! They put the motion in the potion.


It’s poetry in motion… Well, if you’re talking about that sort of “dreadful” Victorian kind of poetry.


Or Poe poetry.


They did it for “buzz” @beschizza - you’ve fallen right into their trap!


You just saved me again from looking at a viral advertisement. The real hero.


wow, Rob’s pshop trick is now world famous
did you send them a C&D letter already?


We can only hope, one source was bad enough! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s just the beginning. Fire up the lawyers, boys! Kellogg’s got some deep pockets!


Welcome to the feast of eyes!


Not complete unless pop-tart is sprouting hands holding pop-tarts.


I know how this story ends.


wait, did martin shrkell buy the company that makes Pop Tarts as well? He’s really out to get you.