Porta-potty is the entrance to a hidden rave


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I got drunk in a shit’r before, as a matter of fact, I may try it again today.


Wait, aren’t these at every festival!?


And, this isn’t the first time this has been done

Trope older than Narnia. Tough this example is a phone booth.


I’ve wanted to build a Tardis this way at burningman for years


A blue toilet? Any chance Smurf was behind this, @GilbertWham?

It probably wasn’t him, but I remember the Gabba Toilet at Judgement Day 20 years ago. It’s the sort of thing that I’d expect from him.


I’m all in for light switch raves.



Thank you for taking me back to my safe place.


They should line up like 100 clowns on the inside…


Uh-uh. Nope, nope, nope, nope.



i’d be happy just to get the red carpet surprise just once…


As a former raver, this makes sense. A lot of the time it smells like the inside of one of those things anyway.


Oh man, I’ve been trying to remember who this was for about 20 years. You rock.


Scrawled on the porta-potty wall: “MAGIC WORD XYZZY.”


That whole album is one of my first and one of my favorite techno albums of the 90s.

Probably the two other best songs. (Though the videos are meh)



Avoid to pick the wrong one.


ProTip: Porta-Potty should be up against a wall or building


Still, imagine being the one poor sap who accidentally ended up in the middle of a rave when they just really needed to pee.


And I’m in a shitter right now!

(You seriously missed that one, my friend.) :wink: